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Taking The Podium: Jumping In with CrossFit Games Masters Bronze Medalist Jenn Ryan

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A lot can happen in one CrossFit season. Hosts Fran Racioppi and Jessie Graff went from CrossFit rookies to Level 1 Trainer Certificate holders and CrossFit Games media. Jenn Ryan went from withdrawing at Wodapalooza to the CrossFit Games podium standing tall as the Women’s Masters Bronze Medalist.

For the final episode of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games and the 2023 CrossFit season Fran, Jessie and Jenn take it full circle as they close out the games from the back of the US Army Fitness Truck.

Jenn explains how she battled through early season shoulder injury which found her on the sidelines during our Episode 97 Wodapalooza discussion. Jenn shares exactly how she listened to her body, how she chose her physical therapists and how the burning desire to compete kept her coming back each day to train.

She also talks longevity, adapting to change, recovery and the off season preparation required to get back to the competition floor in January. Jenn’s bronze medal finish shows us just how important our attitude and focus are in remaining resilient over time.

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  • 0:00 Welcome to the CrossFit Games Masters Podium
  • 2:21 Starting the season by withdrawing from Wodapalooza
  • 5:10 How to listen to your body and search for right physical therapist
  • 9:35 The competitiveness of CrossFit equals all other professional sports
  • 13:41 How the masters division is changing lives
  • 17:39 The best parts of competing at the games
  • 21:40 Preparing for 2024


  • “I’m a strong believer that movement is still medicine.” (5:30)
  • “It’s definitely a little extra work to find someone exceptional but the difference in results that you get is so huge.” (9:22)
  • “Elite level sport you may see some wear and tear but the fact that these athletes are still coming back and taking the podium is crazy.” (13:12)
  • “You’re not starting too late in the game because there’s no timeline.” (14:55)
  • “There’s nothing like bars at a competition.” (19:12)
  • “If you don’t try to put too much into planning you can adapt and adjust to change a little more easily or readily.” (23:10)

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