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#135: A Green Beret's Hardest Mission - Green Beret Foundation CEO Charlie Iacono & Green Beret Nick Lavery (2023 Army Navy Game Series)

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There’s a dangerous difference between a Quiet Professional and Silent Professional. We’re conditioned as Green Berets to put the mission first and get the job done. That’s why Army Special Forces are the tip of the spear in both wartime and peace.

For our first tailgate interview, and to kick off The Jedburgh Podcast’s new home as an official program of the Green Beret Foundation, Fran Racioppi sat down with CEO Charlie Iacono and America’s largest Green Beret Nick Lavery.

Charlie shares his vision to enhance educational opportunities, make benefits the easiest part of transition and how he’s preparing the organization for America’s next battlefield. Nick explains how he’s committed to keeping Green Berets first in the fight and why telling our stories is critical to both retention and recruiting the next generation.

Americans in combat may be out of the spotlight, but Green Berets continue their mission in every corner of the world and supporting them and their families will always be the core mission of the Green Beret Foundation.

You decide if we’re in a 1939 moment and never forget… the Boston Tea Party was an Army operation…

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  • 0:00 Tailgating from Gillette Stadium
  • 3:27 The Boston Tea Party was an Army operation; NOT Navy!
  • 5:37 Charlie’s vision as CEO of Green Beret Foundation
  • 9:25 Why demand for Green Beret support is greater now than during the War on Terror
  • 12:13 GBF advocates are in every active duty Special Forces Group
  • 17:45 The dangerous difference between Quiet Professional & Silent Professional
  • 27:17 Are we living in a 1939 moment?
  • 30:44 A cameo from US Army Special Operations Command Commanding General LTG Jonathan Braga


  • “This is where it all started. A couple of guys in a bar with some ideas…and look where we are today.” (4:17)
  • “We are one of the few organizations that service and support the Veteran community of the Regiment and also the active duty space.” (7:12)
  • “It’s a commitment I made since day one. When that phone rings we’re gonna pick it up.” (8:55)
  • “The Special Forces ODA has been the most requested SOF unit of action since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism.” (9:48)
  • “Just because it’s not as obvious, do not mistake that for the need to no longer exist.” (11:20)
  • “Why does it seem like the hardest mission a Green Beret has to deal with is when he gets out he’s trying to get his benefits.” (13:529)
  • “My biggest challenge that I ever faced was not becoming a Green Beret…it was actually not being a Green Beret anymore.” (15:13)
  • “There’s a massive difference between being a quiet professional and being a silent professional.” (18:45)

The Jedburgh Podcast and the Jedburgh Media Channel are an official program of The Green Beret Foundation.

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