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#133: America's National Will, Bias For Action & Friendless Men - MACV-SOG Green Beret Richard Rice & GORUCK Founder Jason McCarthy (2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade Series)

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Great leaders exist in every industry. When we think about great leaders we often remember the things they did. But what’s more important is the impact they had on individuals, teams, organizations and society.

For the second episode of our 2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade Series, Fran Racioppi and Psychotherapist Drew Newkirk welcomed two Green Berets from very different wars creating impact across generations.

CSM Richard Rice served as a Green Beret in MACV-SOG in Vietnam and later became one of the founding members of Delta Force. Jason McCarthy served in 10th Special Forces during the Iraq war and went on to found GORUCK.

Today they’re swapping roles as mentor and mentee as they apply their lessons from Special Forces to entrepreneurism, fitness, mental health and building community. We show you how to build organizations on character, why we must embrace challenge, how to live a life of bias for action, and how society is shaped by America’s Veterans after their military service.

Drew also explores the difficulty elite performers have as they age and become friendless men; something scary to many of us.

America became the greatest country in the history of the world because of a national call to service since the Boston Massacre. Today, the world is more dangerous than ever. It’s time we bring America’s people back together, rebuild our community and keep America atop the world order.

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  • 0:00 Welcoming a legend of the Special Forces Regiment
  • 8:34 Why need to do hard things; especially at GORUCK
  • 10:59 Preventing “friendless men”
  • 15:03 The character traits needed to succeed in elite organizations
  • 16:38 The films that shaped Rich’s perspective on the military
  • 18:00 Why America must maintain our national will in the face of our adversaries
  • 24:14 Veteran service transcends their time in the military and carries into society
  • 25:10 How mentorship builds great organizations
  • 28:18 Making the case for military service


  • “Throughout my entire life I’ve always looked for the challenge. Something to test me.” (5:02)
  • “It isn’t so much the military service…it’s what those Veterans bring back and what they put into our society after they’ve served.” (5:30)
  • “There’s no other way to really know what someone else is made of unless you do something hard with them.” (10:17)
  • “Have a bias for action in the real world and go get after it.” (13:56)
  • “If you’re not honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with others.” (15:48)
  • “We are in a peer-to-peer battle with not one nation, but a number of nation states.” (20:46)
  • “America needs to come back together. You do that through communities.” (23:04)

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