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#130: Health, Safety, Intelligence & the Role of the Chief Security Officer - International SOS Sally Llewellyn, Kelly Johnstone & Dr. Mark Fischer

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The security challenges we face today are more complex, less predictable and faster evolving than at any point in recent history. When Fran Racioppi isn’t hosting the Jedburgh Podcast he runs FRsix, his security company. From this year’s industry trade show, Global Security Exchange, Fran sat down with International SOS, the global leader in health and security services, to dig deep on today's biggest threats. International SOS cares for over 9000 organizations in 1000 locations across 90 countries. They field over 11,000 calls for assistance each day.

Sally Llewellyn is the global security Director of information and Analysis. Kelly Johnstone served as the Chief Security Officer at Coca Cola. Dr. Mark Fischer is the Regional Medical Director for the Americas. They explain why intelligence is so important in the decision making process for executives of any organization.

They define Duty of Care and how it's evolved as we've transitioned from workplace to remote work. They also explain the importance of developing networks of influence, whether that be for intelligence to understand what's happening, or medical support to help people in their time of need. Finally, they break down the roles of the Chief Security officer and analysts and how the information they provide to decision makers is critical for the resiliency of an organization.

The world is evolving faster than ever seems to change on a minute-by-minute basis. Our job as leaders is to understand what's happening out there, how it affects our people and our business, and then make decisions and bring in the resources that keep us successful, no matter the challenge.

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  • 0:00 Welcome to the International SOS Booth as GSX
  • 3:37 Kelly’s lessons from NCIS, to Customs to leading Coca-Cola
  • 4:03 Sally explains why intelligence is the first step to decision-making
  • 10:22 The evolution of “Duty of Care”
  • 17:18 How preparation transitions organizations from react to response
  • 21:25 Mark shares how to respond to medical crisis in the most austere parts of the world
  • 26:52 The influence of the chief security in executive risk management
  • 32:10 The biggest threats to the world today


  • “The threats we’re looking at today…are just so much more difficult to predict.” (5:34)
  • “What’s going on in the world? What might happen next? To try and inform really good decision-making.” (7:41)
  • “Mitigating risk doesn’t eliminate risk. Where there’s a medical case there’s often security. (9:13)
  • “If you’re on a conference call in your car now, do I have a duty of care if you get in a car wreck?” (12:00)
  • “Intelligence doesn’t just serve you from a security perspective…it’s a business enabler.” (28:30)
  • “Our job there is to ensure that the environment is conducive for the business to meet business objectives.” (29:00)
  • “You are the problem solver, so you get the call on everything.” (30:13)

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