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#129: Why Special Operators Succeed In Finance - 51 Vets Executive Director Lindsey Schiro, Board Member Chris Robinson, Member Victor Reyna

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The biggest challenge America’s Special Operations Veterans face is not becoming a Special Operator. Their biggest challenge is no longer being a Special Operator. This transition, despite its challenges, is also a Veteran’s biggest opportunity.

Data says that 48% of Veterans believe transition was more difficult than they expected, 62% say transition took more time than expected, and 76% say it was stressful. So, how do we create opportunity from challenge?

For this episode Fran Racioppi sat down with 51 Vets, a non-profit committed to connecting veterans from elite military units with leading business professionals in the finance industry. From the American Legion in the iconic New York City Athletic Club, Fran is joined by Executive Director Lindsey Schiro, Board Member Chris Robinson, and Member Victor Reyna to break down 51 Vets pillars of support, how 51 Vet’s is using their City Summits to create opportunities for SOF Veterans to work at financial institutions, and explain why companies who live by the mantra “hire for character, train for skill” are scaling their businesses on the backs of our Special Operators.

Transition is hard, but the first step is defining the difference between what you want to do vs what you can do.

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  • 0:00 Welcome to the American Legion and the 51 Vets City Summit
  • 2:30 The biggest challenge of military transition
  • 5:35 Top events that negatively affect Veteran transition
  • 7:44 Chris, Victor and Lindsey transition for business and family
  • 12:22 Implementing the DOD Skillbridge Program
  • 14:00 Why character is the most important component of building a great organization
  • 20:18 Hire for character, train for skill; but don’t overestimate!
  • 35:22 Why doing what you want to do is the sometimes the hardest thing you can do
  • 38:32 Lack of job satisfaction contributes to the Veteran suicide rate
  • 44:46 51 Vets Three Daily Foundations to Success


  • “The biggest challenge facing military Veterans is correlating their military service to civilian service.” (3:12)
  • “America's great because of the military that we have and we have a great military because of capitalism.” (6:32)
  • “We can have all the resources in the world. If our people suck, our organization’s gonna suck.” (14:17)
  • “In the Special Operations world the best thing you can be called is a good dude.” (16:35)
  • “Make sure you can learn, earn and collect a merit badge along the way.” (24:51)
  • “Get surgical on what you want to do.”
  • “Proximity to the problem. Proximity to the decision-makers. That’s how we make influence. That’s how we get things done.” (38:19)
  • “We’re saving lives here. We are creating a sense of community. A sense of purpose.” (41:00)

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