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#127: Handstands, Extra Work & Saying Yes to Challenge - Power Monkey Fitness Co-Owner Dave Durante (CrossFit Games 2023)

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No one cares about achieving your goals more than you; and no one can do the work for you to get there. You have to own that. It doesn’t matter what industry or what dream you wake up with every morning, you better be the first one in and the last to leave if you want to earn victory.

Power Monkey Fitness Co-Owner and Former USA Gymnastics Team Member Dave Durante believes the key the podium starts with work ethic and saying yes to challenge. Dave joined Fran Racioppi and Jessie Graff from the US Army Fitness Truck at 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games for a conversation on his rise through the gymnastics world, battling to make the US Olympic Team and transitioning from elite athlete to coach and business owner. Dave's philosophy on progress is grounded in progressions; the ability to push forward but take it back to the basics to reinforce our foundations then get back after it.

Dave takes us behind the scenes of US Gymnastics, sharing his personal journey of wins, losses and becoming the ultimate teammate on his bid to compete in the 2008 Olympics.

Dave also shares the impact of Power Monkey Fitness, where he touches on the struggles of athletes figuring out the next step in their career and how CrossFit opened an opportunity for him to bring gymnastics to everyone. From elite athlete to elite entrepreneur, Dave’s perspective on what it takes to win inside and outside the gym will transform your Monday mindset!

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  • 0:00 Welcome to the CrossFit Games
  • 2:27 Walking into a gymnastics gym
  • 4:43 Valuing the team over individual performance
  • 8:40 The podium is earned outside of the coach’s workout
  • 13:00 Making the US Olympic Team
  • 20:18 Pushing the idea of failure and saying yes to the challenges
  • 26:03 Using progressions to overcome the twisties, fears and mental blocks
  • 30:58 Transitioning from elite athlete to coaching
  • 44:00 Working together at Power Monkey Fitness Camps
  • 52:43 Moving from camps to equipment and an app
  • 57:02 Three Daily Foundations


  • “My work ethic was something I leaned into.” (8:00)
  • “Whatever the minimum standard was was not going to allow me to reach my maximum human potential.” (9:22)
  • “I’m someone who says ‘yes’ to those challenges. I can still achieve even though things are not optimal.” (24:09)
  • “Who am I without being an athlete.” (32:55)
  • “Mondays are my favorite day. I despise the idea of retiring.” (39:47)
  • “When I go to bed right now, nobody cares about it more than I do…and I have to own that.” (42:06)

Dave’s Three Daily Foundations to Success

  • Spend time with my kids
  • Work out to clear the mind
  • Check in with my team

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