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EP8: Writing Lore-Driven Battle Reports

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In this episode we will discuss the how to create immersive battle reports that immortalize the stories you play on the tabletop and help develop a fun roleplaying narrative for any campaign of game you play. Our guest Josh break down how he accomplishes this and and gives examples as to how YOU can try this out with your friends when playing games.

Additionally, we have linked a battle report that our guest Josh wrote up below. We hope you enjoy the episode and try it out for yourself!

0:00 - Introducing how to create immersive battle reports
4:34 - How to capture tabletop events in your Batreps
20:52 - Using the terrain and the environment to help tell your story
33:14 - Combining the two concepts to flesh out a complete story for your Batreps
1:08:23 - Major takeaways and a recap of the episode

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Fall of Titan — Composer: Tim N Audio / Producer: SparksArtifex
Dark Side — Composer: Rafael Frost
Outro — [email protected]

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