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THG Episode 68: The Occulted Lens: Secret Societies and Hidden Harvests

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Join us for Episode 68 this Hidden Gateway Podcast where we chat with the NY Patriot and Lux from the Occult Rejects Podcast. @theoccultrejects

NY Patriot @nypatriot1978 and Lux @luxrisingpodcast are the hosts of the popular "Occult Rejects Podcast." They were two high-ranking occultists that were sick and tired of seeing the human race be manipulated by magick and secret societies. They were involved at a high level in the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis occult societies and have a shocking inside view of what these organizations are up to and their behind-the-scenes influence in modern society.

We'll be discussing the nuts and bolts of secret societies, what makes them operate and how they function. We'll also be delving into the connection between current events (C19 scam, Ukraine and the vax) and the powers that be. And, we'll also be exploring their experiences in these organizations and what finally opened their eyes to the evil perpetrated by these groups.

This one will be a banger!

NY Patriot & Lux’s Linktree – Here you can find everything you need to their Occult Rejects Podcast as well as their individual podcasts:

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