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THG Episode 147 | The Method of the Mind with Cathy O'Brien

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Join us as we welcome the courageous Cathy O'Brien to the Hidden Gateway podcast. As a survivor of MK Ultra Mind Control, Kathy has been using her voice to expose the truth and advocate for healing for over 35 years. Cathy's experiences illuminate the resilience of the human spirit and the power of truth.
Kathy's story of overcoming psychological abuse and navigating the complexities of trauma is a powerful testament to resilience. She shares her spiritual awakening, the importance of safeguarding our free thought, and her therapeutic use of writing to process trauma.
The final act of our dialogue takes a brave dive into the sinister world of MK Ultra programming and Kathy's life-saving intervention by intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Cathy peels back the curtain on the chilling reality of influential individuals engaging in horrific acts against humanity.
This episode is a raw and riveting exploration of courage, resilience, and transformation!
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