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THG Episode 143 | Unleashing Inner Awakening and Healing with Saniel and Linda Bonder

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Have you ever craved a deeper sense of purpose and healing? Tune in as we welcome Saniel and Linda Bonder, the visionaries behind the Human Sun Institute, who share their personal spiritual journeys and insights into the transformative power of awakening and consciousness. They invite us to explore their unique approach of 'gazing' and heart-illumined living, which foster resilience and self-discovery, and their powerful teachings on finding peace and purpose in our daily lives. Uncover the secrets of the Universal Creator and open the doors to a transcendental realm with this enlightening conversation.
Dive deep into the heart of spirituality as the Bonders reveal their methods for awakening and embodiment of consciousness. They draw from diverse influences such as Saniel's experiences with yoga and meditation, and Linda's Catholic upbringing and eventual shift away from religion. Discover the secrets to unlocking divine energy within our own lives and bodies, and learn how expert guidance can ease the journey to a state of awakening. The bonders generously share their wisdom on navigating life's challenges and finding grounding and joy in life.
In the final segments, we delve into the crucial importance of integrating our shadow aspects and transcending trauma. They share their vision for the Human Sun Institute, with ambitious goals to spread embodied awakening, foster unity, and create heart activators. They share about their plans to publish books and eventually establish a sanctuary. Listen in to explore the hidden gateways of the human heart and find out how their teachings connect hearts, reminding us that the sun within us is rising. Join us on this spiritual journey and immerse yourself in an ocean of wisdom, love, and enlightenment.
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