Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama podcast

Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery: FitNest Mama

Kath Baquie

A podcast dedicated to helping you have a healthy pregnancy, confident childbirth and strong recovery. In this podcast, we will cover the strategies to help you stay healthy and active during pregnancy, and confidently recover after childbirth, so that you can get back to your old (new) self, with a bubba by your side. You will find some amazing interviews with professionals covering breastfeeding with lactation consultants, childbirth with midwives and doctors, as well as birth stories from mamas just like you, designed to help educate and inform. How do I stay active & healthy during pregnancy? How can I look after my pelvic floor & core muscles? How can I feel confident heading into childbirth? How do I get strong again after birth, so that I can get back to doing what I love? This podcast will leave you feeling supported, inspired and ready to tackle this new journey. I myself, Kath Baquie am a mum of 3 young girls, a physiotherapist working in women’s health, and I am the creator of FitNest Mama which has online workouts and resources, helping women stay healthy during pregnancy, and have a strong postnatal recovery. Disclaimer: The content in this podcast is general in nature and should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional. For freebies and to find out more information head to or Instagram @fitnestmama.

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