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The Enlightenment Evolution Network Podcast

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The Enlightenment Evolution Network ( The EEN ) was created in 2013 by Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer, who was inspired to create a network of many types of shows that all showcased and explored all of the different aspects of our spiritual journey. His idea came from the show he started on Internet Radio called The Enlightenment Evolution Hour. (formerly known as The Rob & George Enlightenment Evolution Show) After the start of the Network announcement Rob Added 5 new shows to the network including shows similar to Rob’s about channeling and metaphysics, With Famed Channeler Daneil Scranton starting his own show called “ Heart To Heart Radio. And the other shows on the spectrum in UFO and Conspiracy called “Disclosure Now” with Pied Pipe and Texas Rebel. Rob’s wife and partner, Kalina Angell who is also a channeler had her own show called “The Earth Experience With Kalina Angell”. Even a spiritual business financial show was on the network. And all things between this huge spectrum of topics. Every topic on spirituality was covered.

Eventually the network got up to 14 shows, 2 per day with over 282,000 viewers. With the success this brought to all of the hosts, and Rob and Kalina, with the birth of their new child, they took a hiatus from running the network. Rob returned to hosting his own show, The Enlightenment Evolution Hour ( EEH ) on April 13th 2022 and soon went from a once monthly show to a weekly show again, and now opens the entire network again.

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