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22 - The Litter Collecting App - How A Hashtag Evolved Into A Platform To Take On Big Brands - Jeff Kirschner, Litterati

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We’ve spoken about the issue of plastic waste in a few previous episodes, but the problem of litter extends much beyond that. There are many other materials and items that are used in an increasingly disposable manner and that contribute to this epidemic. Litterati is a mobile app, created by Jeff Kirchner. It started off simply as an Instagram hashtag, but it started to grow into a global movement. Jeff then realised he was collecting lots of useful data and perhaps this data could be leveraged to approach brands who were the main litter offenders. In the interview, Jeff will share some of the stories of how that is working in the real world and how the power of ‘big data’ can be used for good and not evil for a change. We also talk about how even though littering isn’t necessarily the biggest environmental issue of our time that the app can be used as a gateway into other issues and a way to engage people on a relateable issue. Download the app on iTunes or Android and have a go, it's actually really fun!

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