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Everything You Need To Know About Eigen Layer with Sreeram Kannan

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This week on The Defiant Podcast, Tegan Kline chats with Sreeram Kannan, the founder of Eigen Layer and the director of the University of Washington's Blockchain Lab.

His research at UW focuses on distributed computing, information theory, queuing theory, networking, coding theory, and game theory of blockchain systems.

Eigen Layer is a proof of stake validation marketplace that reuses state capital and existing validation infrastructure. With Eigen Layer. Ethereum can enable permissionless and modular innovation across all blockchain layers.

Today, we dive into Sreeram's background in academia, how the blockchain space piqued his interest, and the hype around Eigen Layer.

But first, Sreeram is going to tell us exactly what he's up to at Eigen Layer and how he merges both a data availability layer and a restaking platform.

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