The Cosmic Entrepreneur podcast

The Cosmic Entrepreneur

Keelie Rae

The Cosmic Entrepreneur is your go-to podcast for all things astrology, human design, spirituality and entrepreneurship. This podcast is designed to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next-level by helping you tap into your authentic truth and align your energy with the cosmos. Your host, astrologer, spiritual life coach and business bestie, Keelie Rae, will share wisdom from her years of study, life experience, and lessons from mentors to bring you expert-level advice and cosmic teachings you’ll love. So if you’re ready to take big leaps and make magic happen, then fasten your seatbelt and come along for the ride, because it’s time for you to thrive as the next-level Cosmic Entrepreneur. Follow Keelie on Instagram for more wisdom and cosmic teachings at @keelierae

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