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The Climate Briefing

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In this podcast from Chatham House, researchers and policymakers discuss the key issues shaping the international debate around climate change, in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow.

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  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 20: Gender and climate policy


    Due to gender inequalities, women are disproportionately affected by climate change, and Indigenous women and women in the Global South are on the front lines of these impacts. The UNFCCC has increasingly recognised these gender-differentiated impacts and the need to support the leadership of women and girls in addressing them. In this episode, Nina Jeffs (Schwarzman Academy Fellow in the Environment and Society Programme) explores the relationship between gender and climate change. First she speaks with two young climate justice activists - Renata Koch Alvarenga and Zainab Yunusa - to find out more about how climate change is affecting women and girls in Brazil and Nigeria, and how women and girls are leading solutions to these challenges. Then she is joined by Gotelind Alber (Co-founder of Gender CC) to discover how gender-responsive approaches are being embedded within UNFCCC negotiations. Read more: Glasgow Womens Leadership Statement on gender equality and climate change: Credits: Speakers: Gotelind Alber, Renata Koch Alvarenga, Zainab Yunusa Host: Nina Jeffs Editor: James Reed Sound Services Recorded and produced by Chatham House
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 19: COP26 week one round-up


    COP26 is finally upon us, and The Climate Briefing team are on the ground in Glasgow to bring you all of the latest updates and developments from the summit.  In this episode, Ben introduces a round-up of the first week of the negotiations. Antony Froggatt (Deputy Director, Environment & Society Programme at Chatham House) provides an overview of the key agenda items at COP26, including the updated NDCs and progress on adaptation, finance and the Paris Rulebook.  Then Nina Jeffs (Academy Fellow, Environment & Society Programme at Chatham House) explains some new developments on the interrelationship between gender and climate action, including the newly announced Glasgow Women's Leadership Statement.  These interviews are followed by conversations with two youth activists. Calling from Botswana, Pato Kelesitse (Host of the Sustain 267 podcast) shares her perspective on how to amplify African expertise and priorities within the climate negotations. Finally, UN Youth Delegate for Iceland Finnur Ricart Andrason joins Ben on the fringes of the conference to discuss how far youth voices are being meaningfully engaged with at COP26.  Read the Chatham House Expert Comments: COP26: Preliminary progress as world leaders exit Climate finance is the elephant in the room at COP26 Explore Chatham House's activities at COP26: Credits: Speakers: Finnur Ricart Andrason, Antony Froggatt, Nina Jeffs, Pato Kelesitse Host: Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Sound Services Recorded and produced by Chatham House Please note: this episode was recorded on Friday 5 November.
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

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  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 18: The UN biodiversity talks


    The crises of climate change and biodiversity destruction are closely linked. In this episode, Anna speaks to Sam Geall (CEO of China Dialogue, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, and Associate Faculty at the University of Sussex) about ongoing efforts within the UN to agree a new international biodiversity framework. The interview also zooms in on China’s evolving role in international climate and environmental politics. Kindly note that this interview was recorded on the 26th of October - before China announced its new nationally determined contribution.
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 17: Cascading climate risks


    A series of recent scientific studies have found that the world is on course for global warming far exceeding the 1.5 degree goal enshrined in the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile across the globe communities are grappling with extreme weather events and natural disasters related to the climate crisis. But beyond the obvious impacts of climate change, a whole host of further risks are emerging, exacerbated by the interconnectedness of the global economy. To find out more about these 'cascading' climate risks, Ben speaks to Professor Tim Benton, Director of the Environment & Society Programme at Chatham House. Read the Chatham House research papers: What near-term climate impacts should worry us most? Climate change risk assessment 2021
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 16: COP26, the state of play


    September 2021 saw a series of significant diplomatic events which could be key to successful climate negotiations at COP26. Now with mere weeks to go before the main event, attention is increasing on the major actors in Glasgow. To find out the state of play, Anna speaks with Bernice Lee, Hoffmann Distinguished Fellow for Sustainability at Chatham House.  Read The World Today article: Ideology: Storms lie ahead in clash of climate champions Credits: Speaker: Bernice Lee Host: Anna Aberg Editor: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced at Chatham House
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 15: Can the G20 act on climate change?


    The G20 - an international gathering of leaders from 19 major states and the European Union - has a significant role to play in coordinating global action on climate change. Accounting for around two-thirds of the world's population and by some estimates 84% of global carbon emissions, agreeing on reforms within this forum could be a game-changer ahead of COP26.  In July 2021, G20 ministerial meetings are taking place ahead of the leaders summit in October. To assess the prospects for progress on climate change at the G20, Ben is joined by Luca Bergamaschi, co-founder of ECCO, the Italian climate think tank.  Watch the Chatham House event: John Kerry on the urgency of climate action Read the Chatham House briefing: Kick-starting the green recovery Credits: Speaker: Luca Bergamaschi Host: Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 14: Debt, development and climate action


    Ahead of the G7 Summit in June 2021, the Climate Briefing returns to the question of financing climate action. While the economic challenge of dealing with climate change was already well-established before the pandemic, the costs of responding to COVID-19 threaten to limit the fiscal capacity of governments to fund climate action.  In this episode, Anna and Ben speak to two experts about the relationship between economic development, developing country debt and climate action.  Ben speaks to Farhana Yamin, a leading environmental lawyer who is also an Associate Fellow at Chatham House. They discuss the economic threat posed by climate change and the need for a paradigm shift away from conventional, carbon-intensive, approaches to economic development.  Then Anna is joined by Paul Steele, Chief Economist for Shaping Sustainable Markets at the International Institute for Environment and Development, to find out how developing country debt relates to climate finance, and what can be done to address the so-called triple crisis of debt, climate change and biodiversity loss.  Credits:  Speakers: Farhana Yamin, Paul Steele Hosts: Anna Aberg, Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House 
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 13: How can the G7 accelerate climate action?


    In 2021 the UK is hosting COP26, but also presiding over the G7. How can it leverage its presidency of the G7 to accelerate climate action in the run-up to COP26? To discuss this, Anna is joined by Rachel Kyte, Dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University. They consider the key opportunities and debates that will emerge at the G7 Leaders Summit.  Read the Chatham House briefing: Kick-starting the green recovery in 2021 Credits: Speaker: Rachel Kyte Hosts: Anna Aberg, Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 12: Managing the impacts of climate change


    This week the Climate Briefing turns its attention to how societies are can deal with the real-time effects of climate change. While mitigation remains a central focus of the international climate negotiations, vulnerable states and communities are calling for greater cooperation on addressing the fallout from climate-related environmental devastation. To discuss this, Anna is joined by H.E. Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh's High Commissioner to the UK and Ambassador to Ireland and Liberia. They discuss the international politics around climate adaptation, and the contested issue of 'loss and damage'.  Then Ben discusses how governments and aid agencies can improve adaptation practices through locally-led approaches, with Marek Soanes from the International Institute for Environment and Development.  Read the IIED report: Principles for locally-led adaptation Credits: Speakers: Saida Muna Tasneem, Marek Soanes Hosts: Anna Aberg, Ben Horton Editor: Ben Horton Recorded and produced by Chatham House
  • The Climate Briefing podcast

    Episode 11: The Shifting Politics of Climate Change


    More than five years have passed since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, and there are only nine months to go until COP26. To kick off its second season the Climate Briefing podcast focuses on how climate change politics have shifted since COP21 in Paris, and explores the roles of the three largest emitters – China, the United States and the EU – in global climate action. The episode also provides a timely recap of the main aims of COP26. To discuss these themes, Anna and Ben are joined by Camilla Born (Deputy Director of Strategy for COP26 in the UK Cabinet Office) and Antony Froggatt (Deputy Director of the Energy, Environment and Resources Programme at Chatham House). Credits: Speakers: Camilla Born, Antony Froggatt Hosts: Anna Aberg, Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Original Music: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House

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