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Episode 080 - Aligning with the Energy of your Business

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In conventional business, decisions are often approached with practical, specific goals and strategies in place. There is a tremendous amount of emphasis on "smart" marketing and goal-driven results.  While strategy is important, it can also hold the growth of a business back when the entire system is based on an external formula.

Our vision for business is purposeful and led by the desire to offer something unique to the world. In this episode, we discuss the importance of allowing the vision behind the business to guide its development. We can then enter a creative process with our work that aligns with a much bigger energy field, heals the unintegrated parts of ourselves, and creates a much wider ripple than simply offering services.

Nathalie Saunderson is the founder of Conscious Female Brands and a senior yoga teacher who explores the potential of aligned work. She dives into the relationship between business and creative alignment which allows your work to take on a completely new context. She encourages tapping into the joy and inspiration of your work in order to create the most purposeful version of it's purpose. She believes your personal energy and willingness to get to the heart of your work ultimately run the success of your business. This aligns deeply with the values of Octave Leap and the future of holistic marketing.

Join David and Nathalie as they discuss what the future of business looks like when you align your personal energy with your business vision to create a larger impact for your services.

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