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Episode 076 - Creating Real Impact in 2023

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We enter 2023 with a paradox; both a pause and an injection of fresh energy.  The feeling is that this year will be the year of metamorphosis as it dawns on humanity that we are undergoing a permanent, immutable transmutation.

The butterfly cannot return to being a caterpillar. In this livestream we focus on this principle by exploring our potential to start creating real impact in 2023 through Conscious Business Development and how we can start actively making a difference in the world.

In the realms of corporate business, we are likely to see layoffs, downsizing, and 'efficiencies' in the workplace by replacing human jobs with Artificial Intelligence. Organic Cycles seem to be over run by digital time, as we begin to experience the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Tools. The old business bureaucracies will continue to become increasingly hostile for human activity.

At the same time, a new breed of high-impact leadership is arising. Visionaries in 2023 are coming forward with new ideas which are progressing from the seed phrase and becoming more and more material.

This show will cover the current state of the great divergence and the metamorphosis of humanity, addressing major themes for what lies ahead and what will work best for heart-led entrepreneurs!

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