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Episode 075 - Our Capacity for Success Begins Within (with Elaira Tickute)

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Where does success start?  How come some people succeed in business naturally while others don’t?

It all comes down to our internal state on how we handle things, manage ourselves, and relate to others and the world. It’s all about our ability to receive, hold, and manage more of who we are and what we want to create. The rest builds on this essential foundation.

It’s not about the latest marketing strategy, sales funnels, social media hacks, or ‘7 magical strategic business steps’. It’s not the business tools & strategies that will bring you to the next level to create true long-lasting success.

Systems DO matter, yes!  But they are only half the equation.  We first need to have the INTERNAL part handled to make any strategies successful.

It’s not about the strategy itself;  but how we show up both in that strategy energetically and in our way of BEING.

Society teaches us very little about this fundamental way we relate to life (and business!).  That’s because it is not so easy to quantify and analyze.  It doesn’t fit into any boxes – it literally comes before all the boxes.

That’s why Elaira Tickute has dedicated her work to building capacity.  Building a healthy nervous system means developing healthy capacities in all the areas of life.  From the relational to the financial.

Join Elaira and Dave as we dive deep into the fascinating world of what makes us REALLY tick.

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