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Episode 068 - I Am (with Dear Danny)

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Collectively, we are awakening from a spell.  One that has entrained humanity into a particular belief for a very long time.  Convincing them that 'external authority' is necessary to rule over their lives.

But something incredible is underfoot.  An organic uprising and body-driven realization coursing through each and every person.  Leading them to reclaim their autonomy and replace the myth of external authority with their own inner authority.

How do we navigate lawfully serving our own needs when previous control groups attempt to clutch even harder? 

What does it look like to fully listen to our inner messaging when we are more bombarded than ever with distractions?

Is serving ourselves selfish - or is this just the pinnacle of generations-old programming still at play?

Join Dear Danny and Dave as they speak man-to-man about the power of "I AM" and it's importance during these incredible times.

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