The Audacious Woman podcast

The Audacious Woman

Jenn Pike

After more than two decades in business for herself as a solo-prenuer, turned brick and mortar biz owner, Jenn Pike sold it all to gamble on herself and her deepest desires. She moved it all online, launched her first of two corporations and for the last 8 years has worked to redefine what being successful in business, finances, love, life and motherhood means. She has created a thriving, innovative and ever evolving 7-figure business and brand that holds its roots in integrity, authenticity and the tenacity to carve your own path. She is the original BS slayer who has taken all she’s learned and invites you here weekly to tune in and be part of the conversation. A combination of solo episodes, deeply rooted conversations and story telling from the behind the scenes with her guests; other women just like you who took brave, bold and courageous action in building businesses with massive impact while curating a life they love. The Audacious Woman is more than a podcast and mentorship. It is a MOVEMENT designed for women and mothers in biz who desire to live like the fire starter that they are out loud, setting the world ablaze - without burning themselves out in the process.

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