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43. How Can You Make Your Vision Reality - Jake Jacobs

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In this inspiring conversation we talk about how to make your vision a reality, with Jake Jacobs, a business consultant, cofounder of SkillsCamp, and author of "Real Time Strategic Change". Some of the takeaways: The power of setting visions and making them reality is not only on papers and walls but it is connecting to people’s minds and hearts, and moving towards them every single day. The idea of “future perfect thinking” technique, and using it in our present situations. This will accelerate the pace of change. A vision should be grounded to reality but not restricted to it. Thinking and acting as if the future is now. Let’s understand the reality and let’s set up a vision to all members of the team. We have to develop action plans to reach our visions. We start to change the culture, and subsequently the system, the structure and the processes in the present, to be aligned with the future. These and much more were discussed in this inspiring conversation. Until the next episode, stay INSPIRED and make the biggest difference in your area of responsibility and beyond.  For any inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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