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40. How to Inspire People - Jaykaran S.

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An inspiring conversation in the shape of questions and answers with Jaykaran S., learning and development professional. We talk about how to inspire people based on my book "Inspire Your People".  Some reflections and insights from the conversation: - Leadership is all about people, inspiring and motivating people to become the very best version of themselves.  - The essence of leadership is helping your people reach their full potential and helping your team maximize their gifts. - What makes you effective as a leader is not the title you hold, rather it’s demonstrating an unrelenting focus on helping others succeed in their collective efforts.  - One of the hallmark traits of great leaders is that they can see greatness in others when they can’t see it in themselves. These and much more we covered in this conversation. Until the next episode, stay INSPIRED and make the biggest difference in your area of responsibility and beyond.  For any inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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