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28. The Power of Strategic Relationships: Inspiring Conversation with David Nour, CEO The Nour Group, Inc

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I am so energized and inspired from this conversation with Advisor, Educator, and Executive Coach; David Nour, CEO The Nour Group Inc. He is the author of more than 10 books on creating high performing organizations and achieving success through relationship economics and one of the best authorities in this field. Here are some of the topics we covered together:

- The power of strategic relationships is not only for business but also professional and personal

- Some of the very best opportunities we get as individuals as well as organizations come from our relationships

- The key is to be intentional in developing these relationships for the long term

- Relationships accelerate growth because both parties share common values

- The future belongs to the ones who are curious and continuously developing themselves

- Dedicate some time every week to learn and develop even in areas not directly related to your scope of work

- Work life blending is a better approach then work life balance!

- Be interested in having your message remembered instead of being remembered

And many more insights from this conversation. Check it out!

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