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This week on the podcast, we chat about a recent report from Qrator that highlights some of the massive weaknesses in the backbone of the internet. After that, we discuss a recent research blog post from Yan (@bcrypt) showing her work in finding a CSRF flaw in OK Cupid that bypassed Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) protections.

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  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    VirusTotal Global Ransomware Report


    This week on the podcast we cover VirusTotal's first ever global ransomware report which analyzes ransomware trends over the last year from the unique position of the world's largest malware intelligence platform. Before that though, we cover another APT group with a ridiculous name found exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Windows.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    The SMS Breach You Didn’t Hear About


    This week on the podcast we discuss a breach that lasted over 5 years involving a company responsible for routing SMS messages for 95 of the top 100 mobile carriers in the world. Before that though, we'll cover the recent Facebook downtime incident as well as the seemingly total compromise of the video game streaming platform Twitch.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

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  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    Q2 2021 Internet Security Report

    This week on the podcast we cover the latest quarterly Internet Security Report from the WatchGuard Threat Lab. We'll go over the latest attack trends and key findings from Q2 2021 as well as defensive tips for keeping your systems safe from the latest threat landscape.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    Kaseya’s Trusted Third Party

    This week on the podcast we discuss the recently disclosed identify of the"Trusted Third Party" that Kaseya acquired the REvil ransomware master decryption key from, as well as the morals around a decision to hold on to the decryption key for multiple weeks before handing it off to Kaseya. We then cover a new APT discovered by researchers at ESET and the latest CISA alert on ransomware activity.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast


    This week on the podcast we discuss the recently patched zero-click vulnerability in iOS, macOS and WatchOS that researchers at TheCitizen Lab discovered while investigating NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. After that, we cover a vulnerability in the OMI Agent that comes automatically installed on all Azure Linux virtual machines. We finish by covering Microsoft's latest efforts to kill passwords for good.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    OWASP Update

    This week on the podcast we discuss the first update to the OWASP Top 10 since 2017. OWASP servers as an excellent resource for improving web application security so we're excited to run through the latest refresh of their top security weaknesses. We also discuss phishing attacks that abuse Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in emails and a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Office.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast



    This week on the podcast we cover ProxyWare, a form of malware that monetizes your internet access for the benefit of the attacker. After that, we discuss ChaosDB, a vulnerability that could have enabled any Azure user to gain full access to any other user's CosmosDB instance. Finally, we end with a discussion of location tracking vulnerabilities and how a few popular dating apps have tackled them.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    Stop Following Me – Rewind


    This week on the podcast we dig back in the archives to 2019 where we discussed how web servers manage to track users across sites using browser fingerprinting methods. Even though some improvements like removing third-party cookies have been made to limit tracking, plenty of additional fingerprinting options still remain.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    PolyNetwork Heist


    This week on the podcast we cover one of the largest cryptocurrency heists in history, with a surprising twist of an ending! Before that we'll chat about the latest T-Mobile data breach and what we can learn about protecting user identity. We end the episode with a discussion about one of the latest episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, watchable here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqD-ATqw3js, where he talked about the ongoing ransomware pandemic.
  • The 443 - Security Simplified podcast

    DEF CON 29 Recap


    This week on the podcast we chat about a few of our favorite presentations from the 2021 edition of the DEF CON security conference out of Las Vegas. If haven't checked them out yourself, visit the DEF CON YouTube channel or media.defcon.org to view this year's and all previous year's content.

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