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As soon as we’re born our bodies are constantly growing, changing, breaking and at times, confusing us. And the biggest changes, growths and confusions seem to come when we’re young, vulnerable and easily embarrassed. Yes, we’re talking about puberty. And yes, it sometimes can be hard to talk about. But, it doesn’t need to be. This podcast will give young people a chance to put on some headphones and learn on their own as we break down the biology, chemistry and health topics of growing, changing and going up.

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  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Sexually-transmitted infections and HPV


    This may seem like a weird topic to end the season on, but it’s actually not. After discussing so many aspects of puberty throughout this podcast, this is just one more that provides real and relevant information. As a developing young person, you deserve to know what may lie ahead and also understand ways that you can protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted infections and HPV. Trust me, you’ve got this.
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Sex and Consent


    Sex. That’s right. We’re gonna talk about it. Because for all of the mystery, interest and excitement that surrounds sex, it’s actually a pretty basic and natural topic. On this episode we discuss sex and consent because, just like puberty, sexual activity operates on different timelines for different people -- and that’s totally normal!
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

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  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Sexual Orientation


    Early puberty is when many individuals start feeling sexual attraction toward others. With that attraction may come attraction to the same gender, the opposite gender or all genders. On this episode we dig deep into what sexual orientation is, and explain why puberty is the time when someone first explores sexual orientation.
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Sexual Attraction


    Have you felt it yet? The butterflies in your chest? The stomach flip? The excitement of passing a certain someone in the hall at school? Or how about…skin flushing, dry mouth, fumbling for words and sweaty palms? Developing crushes and sexual attraction is a totally normal part of puberty, and on this episode, we dig into what sexual attraction means, and what’s happening in our bodies to make us feel that way.
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Changing Relationships


    As if body changes aren’t enough to deal with, relationships (and I’m not just talking romantic ones) generally undergo some major adjustments during puberty. These relationship changes may be exciting, uncomfortable or stressful, but they all tend to follow a fairly predictable pattern. In this episode we break down why relationships change so much during puberty, and examine all the different types of relationships we may encounter.
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast



    So this episode...might feel a little awkward for some listeners. I’m going to address all parts of self-pleasure that are natural and healthy and why these urges seem to arise during puberty. Even if this topic makes you a little uncomfortable right now, remember -- the whole point of this show is talking about things that are normal during puberty. And masturbation? Totally normal.
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    What’s up with my vaginal discharge?


    Vaginal discharge is TOTALLY NORMAL. I know we haven’t always talked about it as a major part of puberty, but it is a MAJOR part of having a vagina. Why? Tune in to find out!
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Voice Changes


    Everyone experiences some degree of voice changes throughout puberty. Voice drops, voice squeaks, breaks and cracks all happen during puberty. Tune in to this week’s episode to learn why voice changes happen, and why they are totally normal!
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    Growth Spurts, Stretch Marks and Cellulite


    On this episode…growth spurts and the skin changes that go along with them. Whether you’re the super tall girl or the shorter guy waiting for his growth spurt, this episode is for you!
  • That's Totally Normal! podcast

    The Importance of Sleep


    Everybody sleeps. We NEED sleep. In this episode we break down why we need sleep, and give you some tips and tricks to make sure you get the best sleep possible.

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