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Hang out with Chris and friends as they discuss a new take on life, tech, and open source.

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  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 281


    Allan Jude joins us for a FreeBSD birthday special edition of Tech Talk. We also discuss the privacy win for US mobiles, some history and future hopes for Intel's dedicated GPU Larrabee, and that time Allan's town lost power. Special Guest: Allan Jude.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 280


    It's Google's turn to receive the Facebook treatment. In a series of rapid fire leaks, lawsuits, and PR blunders we re-cap Google's awful bad week. Plus MoviePass's desperate grab for data seems to be going bust, and IBM warns of cracking encryption with their Quantum Computer. Then we wrap it up with our Kickstarter of the week, that wants to build open source VR for exploring Mars.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

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  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 279


    Nearly all mobile carriers are caught selling your location and the story gets twisted. The senate votes to overturn the net neutrality repeal but there's a long way to go. OnePlus 6's specs are out, and how some guy heated his bath water with Bitcoin mining. Plus the big Nest outage and the SOUNDCAM. You're going to want this Kickstarter of the week.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 278


    A critical PGP and S/MIME bug is in the wild, EasyMesh promises standards Wifi Mesh networks, Zuck's in the sites, and Bittorrent Inc gets a rename. Plus the return of a classic!
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 277


    The world is freaking out about Google Duplex, new features coming to Google Photos we like and Android P promises to improve your "well being". Plus Apple deals a blow to GrayKey, our Kickstarter of the week, and sending ultra sonic commands to Alexa.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 276


    The fight for Net Neutrality is back on, we round up the news from Build 2018, and get impressed by Tesla's barnacle purge. Plus we have a question for you, and more!
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 275


    Pocket Casts gets acquired, and we worry about "big podcasting" pushing for more data collection, Cambridge Analytical is filing for bankruptcy, and Amazon is playing hardball. Plus a brilliant Kickstarter of the week, some picks of the week, and more.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 274


    Windows 10 users are getting a big update, but we're a little unimpressed, the tragic story of Eric Lundgren, someone is trying to extort GrayShift, and scientist have buckets with living pig brains. Also - how GEDmatch was helpful in busting the Golden State Killer. Plus the new horrible truth we just learned about online dating... All live from LinuxFest Northwest with special guests! Special Guests: Allan Jude and Chase Nunes.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 273


    Google suffers from the Telegram ban, Valve is back in the business of making games, and Amazon has a top secret robot. Plus the puzzle that was hidden in Windows years ago, and a new project that aims to be a Wikipedia for Terms of Service agreements. Special Guest: Noah J. Chelliah.
  • Tech Talk Today podcast

    Tech Talk Today 272


    Telegram's battle of the ban continues, and AWS and Google Cloud become targets. Reddit is growing like crazy, which worries us a bit, and Microsoft loses their multi-year legal fight with the US Government. And why autonomous boats might be here much sooner than self-driving cars.

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