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#327 Auto Journalist Elizabeth Blackstock; Women in the Auto Industry

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In this week's episode, we feature special guest Elizabeth Blackstock, breaking news editor at Jalopnik and managing editor of A Girl's Guide to Cars. We discuss a number of topics, including the challenges women face in the auto industry; which stories interest us most in the industry; and why it might be tough for a car today to be considered a classic in the future.




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00:00 - Introduction

00:50 - Elizabeth Blackstock Introduction

02:41 - Auto Journalism Career

03:53 - A Girl’s Guide To Cars: Difference between how men and women look for cars.

14:15 - How women are represented in the auto industry.

21:07 - Best and worst stories in your career.  

29:10 - What technology are you most excited about today?

30:19 - What do you anticipate we will be talking about in 10 years from now?

33:15 - Will modern cars be considered as classics in the future?







A Girl’s Guide To Cars


Meet Frankie Fazzary, The 7-Year-Old Boy That Changed Racing In America


The Rich Energy Book


Guide to Car Safety

How to Safely Work on Your Car at Home


Coronavirus Resource Hub





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