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Strange Stories Uk: The Ghost Society & Ghost Club.

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I have attempted to give a history of the Ghost Society from 1850/1 which ran until the late 1870s. A very similar club reformed in 1882 calling itself the Ghost Club. This ran until 1936, A similar club reformed in 1938 until 1848, using the same name the 'Ghost Club' then it reformed again existing to the present day. This podcast tries to give some some idea of why and how it developed. It examines some of the important early members and how they influenced the club,  concentrating mainly on its 1882-1936 period. I have not given lists of early members, explaining who they were as I thought that would be rather dull. I have just focussed in on a few topics and meetings to give a flavour of how the club operated.
Please be advised this has been recorded in one take and is lo-fi.

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