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Strange stories : Kent serial killer thwarted. Part 1

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  I think it will become obvious that Mark Brown was going to become a serial killer targeting woman who were operating as sex workers. He was going to be detected by automatic number plate recognition and cell phone tracking and the like, to allow the police to build a case against him.

Brown's mind seemed to have been turned by a combination of the death of his parents, violent pornography on the internet and the isolation of lockdown allowing him to focus on his dark side. This podcast tells of the murder and disposal of the body of Alex Morgan, a single mother trying to build a better life for her family.

This case has only recently finished at Hove Crown Court, on 1 December 2022. Brown is due for sentencing on 13 January 2023. 
I will put out part 2 shortly. Please be advised that this podcast is recorded in one take with no editing.

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