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Strange Stories : Delusion and Murder in Worthing, Sussex.

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July 1 1968 in Worthing UK. The Rolling Stones were top of the singles charts with Jumping Jack Flash. 2001, A Space Odyssey was being seen in the cinemas. Manchester United had recently won the European Cup. Harold Wilson’s Labour government were struggling since a recent devaluation of the pound. There was a heatwave on the South Coast on 1 July about to break out in violent storms and flooding

 This is a murder case that is virtually unknown, apart from one sentence on the website Black kalender, there is no trace of it on the internet. The information for this podcast comes from a file in the National Archives and that file is somewhat confused.  I can find no record of the man who was convicted for murder David Lewington. 
My own opinion is that it was not a pre-planned murder, probably an accident but Lewington was convicted of murder and lucky for him it was just after the death sentence law had been ended in the UK. I think that the last person sent to death in the UK was in 1964, this case was in 1968.

David Lewington was a dishonest person who probably suffered delusions and was a ‘Walter Mitty’ type character. He clearly wanted to be noticed, covering himself in tattoos. 

 How he came to shoot his friend will never be known, the case is long forgotton. Nobody comes out of the case particularly well, those people who surrounded Lewington all seemed to have their own particular problems and issues. Please listen to the podcast and make up your own minds as to what happened.

I intend to place one more podcast for Halloween and then I am away for about six weeks, taking a break and hope to be back in December.

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