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Strange stories: Ballechin part 3, The Ballechin House haunting

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This is part three of the the Ballechin House haunting, known as the most haunted house in Scotland when the story was told in the newspapers in 1897.
This case caused a fair amount of embarrassment for  the Society of Psychical Research who tried to distance themselves from the investigation that was led by Ada Goodrich Freer.
The past three podcasts have been inspired by Trevor H Hall's book 'Strange Things'.
Please be aware that this podcast has been recorded in one take and pronunciations are not my strong point, neither is narration, so apologies for all words that have mangled. I had wanted to tell the story in one podcast but since researching the story earlier this month (May 2023), one podcast would not have done justice to it. 
The Ballechin House story was the inspiration to the Borley House haunting which I did a couple of podcasts about two or three years back.
I have not listed the sources used, sorry but I do not have the time or patience, but they are those as listed in the relevant chapters of the Trevor Hall book, I have not come across any new sources.

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