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Strange Stories: Ballechin House part 1: The Highland Second Sight Enquiry.

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This podcast is part 1 of the story of the alleged haunting of Ballechin House, the so called most haunted house in Scotland. Ballechin House was a well known case in the 1890s and 40 years later seemed to be the blue print for the Borley Rectory  case which was known as the most haunted house in England.
This podcast tells the lead up to the Ballechin case by explaining who Ada Goodrich Freer was, the person who investigated Bellechin house for the Society of Psychical Research. It concentrates on the Society's Enquiry into Highland Second Sight in Scotland which was led by Goodrich Freer. The investigations do not end well causing controversy for the Society of Psychical Research.
I apologise for the pronunciation of some of the Scottish terms, there seems to be a syllable missing in my saying 'Ballechin'  and some other words such as 'Uist'. I will post the next podcast on Ballechin within the week for anyone interested in the story.

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