Staying Smiley podcast

Staying Smiley

Kylie Oblak

mini chats with @kylierunssmiley for whenever you need a sprinkle of positivity, inspiration, or a heart to heart conversation


maybe it’s when you’re getting ready for the day and sipping your coffee, maybe it’s when you’re driving to the gym or doing your homework, maybe it’s when you’re getting ready for bed and doing some stretches. whatever you reason may be, I encourage you to throw on an episode, romanticize your life, and take the time to take care of yourself and listen to the ways in which you too can create a dream life full of happiness for yourself


I would be nothing without the love and support I feel from this community. I’ve grown so much in the four years since creating @kylierunssmiley and having you people here for everything has brought me a confidence and sense of self I never knew I had within me. I look forward to giving back to this community through sharing the lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) along the way


cheers to new beginnings and spreading the love so we can all live a life of excitement, adventure, health, love, and above all else: happiness

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