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168. Exploring Meditation with Andrew Johnson

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This week we are re-visiting one of our favorite early episodes interviewing Andrew Johnson. Andrew Johnson is know for his guided meditations and hypotherapy sessions. He created the first meditation app ever!

Michelle has been a huge fan of Andrew Johnson for years. She regularly uses his manifestation meditations and she genuinely feels these meditations helped bring in many of the blessings she received during her sabbatical. 

Michelle and I have been attending an "Intentional Living" Group here in Charleston regularly. We have been working on discovering our The ONE Thing based on the book The ONE Thing. Being on sabbatical, I had not thought about what my one thing or my one purpose is. 

Through the "Intentional Living" group, I realized that my purpose has started to narrow down on breaking down unhelpful ingrained thought patterns. Breaking negative patterns, allows us to be present and create positive patterns which I believe brings more positive outcomes into our lives. 

The hardest thing about breaking down these patterns is recognizing the patterns. Our brains are on autopilot and we are thinking thousands of thoughts a day without any awareness of this. This is where meditation is so helpful. Meditation helps us observe our thoughts so we can recognize and question the patterns we gravitate to. 

Andrew Johnson is also a trained hypnotherapist and he describes the parallels between meditation and hypnotherapy in this episode. Hypnotherapy also retrains our brain to unbreak deep patterns. 

By dissolving these negative patterns we can live more freely in the present moment and interact with the people around us with more kindness and love. Being in the energy of Andrew during this episode you can sense that he is someone who has dedicated time to this practice. Enjoy the discussion and comment below if you have had any breakthroughs with meditations or similar modalities. 

Show Notes:

  • Relax Change Create Meditation (Apple, Android
  • Working Mindfully - “All the good stuff without the woo woo” (Apple, Android
  • Circles Live - Daily Live Meditations with Andrew Johnson 

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