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166. Gamify Your Habits with Apps

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When Michelle and I heard that James Clear, author of the renowned book Atomic Habits, launched Atoms, a habit-tracking app, we had to try it for ourselves. Michelle and I are HUGE fans of James Clear, to the point where Michelle may have had a less-than-wholesome dream about him ;). (ahahaha that’s what happens when you let me write the newsletter, Michelle!) He is the captain of our generation’s habit-forming ship. 

Putting Habit Tracking Apps

Michelle and I tested out four different habit-tracking apps

  1. Atoms- James Clear’s new identity-based App
  2. Habit Tracker- A classic checkbox-style tracker 
  3. Everyday- An aesthetic “don’t break the chain” style tracker 
  4. The Notes App- Yes, the yellow notepad that comes preloaded on every iPhone

In our habit-tracking journey, we saw some recurring themes regarding habit tracking.

Show Notes:

Community Time

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Harris was on our podcast episode 157, check it out here!

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