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164. Confront Your Sabbatical Nightmares

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In this episode, Michelle and I discuss knowing two numbers, (1) monthly spending and (2) net worth, provides a great framework for understanding how much money we have available for our sabbatical. We also talk about two additional numbers, (3) FI number and (4) Coast FI number, that help create a clear picture of what our financial situation looks like relative to our overall spending needs. 

We also discuss the fear of unproductive time. I didn’t want to be a “bum” on my sabbatical. We discuss how the entire paradigm of work and time shifts when you are on sabbatical. 

I am now in my seventh month and I’m surprised at how much I am enjoying not working and impressed and the shift in my view of life. My only regret? Waiting so long to pull the sabbatical trigger!

Show Notes:

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