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163. Eliminate Decision Fatigue and Reclaim Your Life

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The average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. This tasks our willpower which slowly depletes throughout the day. Many of these little decisions waste our time and our decision-making bandwidth. Reducing decision fatigue helps us be more productive and reach our goals. 

Here are some strategies to combat decision fatigue:

  1. Create Structure: Group or batch routine tasks together. By doing similar tasks consecutively, you reduce the need to make different decisions repeatedly. Creating a list or schedule of actions can also help streamline your workflow.
  2. Put Things on Autopilot: For decisions that don't require significant mental effort or creativity, automate or delegate them. Setting up automatic payments for bills, meal prepping for the week, or using templates for repetitive tasks can help reduce the number of decisions you need to make manually.
  3. Just Quit: Sometimes, it's okay to say no or quit tasks that aren't essential or align with your goals. Simplifying your commitments can free up mental energy for more important decisions.
  4. Limit Options for Others: When asking others to make decisions, provide them with a limited number of options. This helps prevent decision paralysis and makes it easier for them to choose. Too many choices can overwhelm and contribute to decision fatigue.

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