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157. Transform Yourself This Year by Putting Yourself First with Harris Jones

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Going into 2023, Harris Jones had an impressive work resume. She was the third employee at RehabWallet, a successful real estate startup but she was unsatisfied with how she spent her time after work. 

She was a self proclaimed quiet and meek person, nervous to speak at the real estate events she attended for her work. However, she knew she enjoyed the events and wanted to shift from outside viewer to active participant. 

Most people set intentions or resolutions in January that fall apart before the month ends, let alone accomplish a major change in the year. Harris joined us on Build A Wealthy Spirit to walk us through how she went through her 2023 transformation. 

Realizing she enjoyed the events but had a blocker for public speaking, she set forth a plan to become a paid public speaker. Her journey would include removing her adult "baby" teeth, joining Toastmasters, going on stage for improv and in that same year, her first paid speaking experience. 

There are a few takeaways that Harris shares for anyone who is looking at this new year and thinking they want to finally make *that* big change. Whether it's to get that six pack, adopt a puppy, or go on stage for the first time. Most of us have something we deeply want to do, but don't even know how to push ourselves to reach out full potential. Harris is living proof that taking the first step can open the doors to a new you.

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