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156. The Perks of IRL Gatherings: Our experience at CAMPFI

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One silver lining of COVID is that it gave me a new appreciation for in-person gatherings. As much as online meetings can help connect when we cannot meet in person, there is nothing that compares to IRL meetings. 

Last weekend, Michelle and I attended CAMP FI in Florida. There were 80+ FI/RE lovers present at a summer-camp style venue with speakers, break-out sessions, outdoor activities- kayaking, yoga, archery, karaoke and lots of time to have deep intimate conversations. 

Michelle and I found five unique benefits to this type of IRL meeting with like-minded people: 

  1. Meeting real-life people rather than listening to internet personas
  2. Deepen your interest in FI
  3. Similar struggles
  4. Inside jokes
  5. Venn diagram of interests 

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