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154. Make Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

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Michelle and I like to use Charlie Gilkey’s Four Project Rule from his book Start Finishing to help create our yearly resolution. Charlie recommends limiting yourself to no more than four projects a quarter. He includes things like moving and starting a new job as a project as they require a significant portion of our time. These projects can be re-visited every quarter. Projects that become systematic habits can be removed from the projects list

Michelle and I also like to create a theme for the year as well. I like for this theme to be poetic and capture the general spirit of the new year. 

Theme for 2023: I tend to the garden of my being

Theme for 2024: I play in gardens of abundance 

Last year, I focused on taking care of my needs and I embodied this. This culminated in me quitting my job. 

This year I am focusing on enjoying the fruits of my previous labors. The focus is to play in life. I don’t have to take everything so seriously this year because I realize I already have everything I need. This year is about enjoying life. 

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