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9 - Berlin - Devil Eats Flies - The Frog in the Mailbox

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The group investigate Grossman’s apartment as they try to uncover more clues. Tensions rise as they uncover some horrific truths about his crimes and fight to hold onto their sanity and their friendship.   Here's a link to buy the Berlin: The Wicked City sourcebook published by Chaosium.   Cast: Phaedra as the Keeper of Arcane Lore Lydia as Andreas Vogel Gilly as Max Oswald Howl as Moritz Baum Braydon as Saydiina Androsov   Audio Editors: Braydon & Jayson Website | Review us | Support us on Patreon | Buy merch! Discord | Twitter | Mastodon | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit   For the duration of our Berlin: The Wicked City campaign, 10% of our Patreon profits go to Hope Not Hate.

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