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1 - Exhibition of Dread - Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Hipsters!

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Chapter one of our playthrough of a new, and super spooky, Stars Are Right scenario: The Exhibition of Dread by Jared Tallis. Join a ragtag bunch of art students as they tour the college buildings after dark in search of artistic inspiration, but get more than they bargained for.   You can buy this scenario to run for your friends! Check it out here.   Cast: Phaedra as the Keeper of Arcane Lore Lydia as Simone the potter. Tyler as Maia the painter. Jayson as Leo the musician. Knoxicles as Bernie the jewellery-maker.   Audio Editors: Braydon & Jayson   Website | Review us | Support us on Patreon | Buy merch! Discord | Twitter | Mastodon | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit For the duration of our Berlin: The Wicked City campaign, 10% of our Patreon profits go to Hope Not Hate.

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