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Southern Vangard Radio is a weekly podcast that features the latest and greatest underground hip-hop and lively color commentary from Atlanta’s own DJ Jon Doe & rhyme connoisseur Eddie “Cappuccino” Meeks. In addition to dropping every Tuesday, Doe & Meeks don their journalism hats on Thursdays with the Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions, which serves as an outlet for artists featured on the mix show to tell their story. Artists such as Consequence, Grap Luva, DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels, Amerigo Gazaway, Oh No & the late great Sean Price are small sample of the interview sessions to date. So buckle in, press play and remember it’s always #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard Media Contact: [email protected] Leaving "U" out since 2012... ###

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  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 311 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep311! If there was ever an example of Doe and Meeks at their trash talking finest, this episode is it. Must have been the bottle of LOST bourbon our good friend SEN RON sent through, in addition to that cask strength bottle of Ezra Brooks that was also on deck Monday night - 120 proof strong, Vangardians! Oh yeah, there’s also tons of the usual new rap songs for you enjoy this week, so go ahead and press play and remember it’s always that #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live January 17, 2022 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "I Miss U" - Kev Brown "MLK" - Ras Kass ft. Eric Jaye (prod. Trackz 100) "G.O.D." - Snowgoons ft. Ty Farris & Rasheed Chappell "Light Years" - Wais P & Pete Twist ft. DJ TMB "Peyote" - Freddie Black & Ras Beats "The Antidote" - Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz "Warriors" - The N.A.T.I.V.E.S. (prod. D.R.U.G.S. Beats) Talk Break Inst. - "Myrrh" - Kev Brown "Bomb Scare" - J Scienide ft. DJ Jon Doe "Water" - 2033 (Chinch33 & Venomous2000) "Heads On The Wall" - DJ Muggs & Rigz ft. Rome Streetz "Slide Right Past You" - Defari "101" - 1773 & E Brown "Mountain Talk" - Poe Mack Talk Break Inst. - "Epic MIraculous Music For The Season" - Kev Brown "25 Jefferson" - Dango Forlaine X Swab ft. A Minus, Nappi Dev "Summer League" - The Musalini & 9th Wonder ft. Planet Asia "Doo Doo Brown" - Waterr & Tone Beatz "FRANCISCO.ALBERTO.CAAMAÑO" - Estee Nack (prod. Mr. Rose) "Give It Up" - Clypto x Supreme Cerebral ft. Mickey Diamond & Josiah The Gift "To Y'all" - Joe Sig "Scenes From a Dominican Barbershop" - Eff Yoo ft. Aye Wun Talk Break Inst. - "I'm Wakin Up Early!" - Kev Brown Talk Break Inst. - "Winteresque" - Kev Brown
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 310 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep310! Disc Jockey Jon Doe and Master of Ceremonies Eddie Meeks are back with another fun-filled adventure, fellow Vangardians! We have WORLD EXCLUSIVES from CASUAL & DEAD PERRY (big up JERRY GRAHAM for the connect) as well as EAST HAMPTON POLO BOYS & LORD JUCO (big up GRIFF & INSUBORDINATE RECORDS). LONG LIVE SCORCESE. There’s also a bunch of brand new hip-hop records that you probably haven’t heard but should, and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s lots of drummin’, scritchin’, scratchin’ and rappin! YOU’RE WAAAAALCOME! #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live January 9, 2022 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst - "Bed-Stuy Heat" - Stan Da Man "Wave Gods" - Nas ft. ASAP Rocky & DJ Premier (prod. Hit Boy) "Return Of The Asiatic" - BambuDeAsiatic ft.. Supastition (prod. Supastition) "Still Growing" - 1773 x E Brown "Glory Us" - Defari "Checks and Balances" - Mazzi & Jahlil Beats ft. Nino Bless & Fashawn "Bounce" - Team Demo ft. Tha Liks & Kurious "Big Top Clown Circus" - Jake Palumbo ft. Craig G & DJ Dainja "Hot Sauce" - Krohme ft. Copywrite & Bobby J from Rockaway Talk Break Inst - "Coney Island Heat" - Stan Da Man "GulfClap" - The Custodian of Records & Light The Emcee "Makin' Moves" - The Good People "Oceans 11" - Chubs X Fastlife (prod. Eitan Noyze) "Teflon Tactics" - Mickey Diamond "Ain't No Love" - Cortez ft. Inspectah Deck & Doza The Drum Dealer "FUPA" - Illa Ghee "Streets Is Watching, So Iz God" - Estee Nack Talk Break Inst - "Bushwick Heat" - Stan Da Man "Never Say It To Us (Remix)" - Casual & Dead Perry ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Dope Dealer Kingpin Wheels" - East Hampton Polo Boys ft. Lord Juco ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Table For 3" - Che Noir ft. 38 Spesh & Ransom "Callin' Me Wilt" - Terror Van Poo (prod. Vinny Idol) "Third Eye" - Daniel Son & Futurewave ft. Flee Lord "Purple Ants" Hubbs - (prod. M Germ) "Let's Talk About It" - Nowaah The Flood x D-Styles ft. K.Burns "Real1" - Al Divino Talk Break Inst - "Fort Greene Heat" - Stan Da Man
  • Southern Vangard podcast

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  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 309 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep309! DOE AND MEEKS ARE BACK. SEVEN YEARS OF SOUTHERN VANGARD RADIO. WORLD EXCLUSIVE BEATS FROM D.R.U.G.S. BEATS. WORLD EXCLUSIVE BANGER FROM RIM, VILLIN P & VSTHE BEST. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. YOU’RE WAAAAALCOME! #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live January 2, 2022 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "Untitled" - D.R.U.G.S. Beats ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Game Tight" - Nowaah The Flood x D-Styles ft. Ca$ablanca "Field Trips" - Daniel Son & Futurewave ft. Rome Streetz "EndGam3" - Ca$ablanca (prod. CapChino) "Crazy" - Harbor Kidz ft. Dj Grazzhoppa (prod. 88 blessed) "Gore" - HUBBS (prod. M Germ) "AD6" - Curren$y ft. Jay Electronica "Written Kilos" - Dj Deadeye ft. UFO Fev, Flee Lord, Rasheed Chappelle, And Whisper (prod. Tone Beatz) "Lift It Up" - Rim ft. Lil Fame, King Card, Nems (prod. VSTheBest) Talk Break Inst. - "Untitled" - D.R.U.G.S. Beats ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Speechless" - Nas (prod. Hit-Boy) "What's My Motherf#@%!n Name" - The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori "Lava Air Techs" - J Scienide ft. Recognize Ali "Separation Of The Sheep And The Goats" - Mach-Hommy "Return to Crooklyn" - Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway ft. Skyzoo & Awon) [Remix] "Best Regards" - Kev Brown & J Scienide (cuts DJ Jon Doe) "The Invisible Man" - Vice Souletric & Apollo Brown Talk Break Inst. - "Untitled" - D.R.U.G.S. Beats ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Shark Soup" - Nowaah The Flood x D-Styles "Opp Anthem" - Vic Spencer & Sonnyjim ft. Rim "Bread Crumbs" - Marv Won "Waste Management" - Pounds ft. Bub Styles "II" - TheMellos ft. Estee Nack "Business Class" - Observe ft. UFO Fev, Tha God Fahim & Mickey Diamond "Talk To Yourself" - Daniel Son & Futurewave "Merseyside Meyhem" - Cousin Feo x Lord Juco (prod. Bozack Morris) Talk Break Inst. - "Untitled" - D.R.U.G.S. Beats ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "The Stoop" - Rim & Villin P (prod. VSTheBest) ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE **
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Dillon & J57 - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the DILLON & J57 interview session! This is undoubtedly a momentous occasion. This interview session marks the return of in-studio interview sessions at Southern Vangard Radio, as it’s the first interview session since COVID-19 brought the world to screeching halt in March 2020. We might just shed a tear. Not really, but we had a LOT of fun this week catching up with our good friends the Lobby Dom and J Feezy. These two just dropped “’83 KIDS”, which is a nod to the year both of these gentlemen were born as well all of the great things that the 80’s blessed us with. We get into the origins of the project, how fellow ’83 Kid BLU landed on the album and how one of the standout cuts, “THE COME UP” ft. DIAMOND D & SKYZOO almost never came to be. We also get the scoop on Dillon’s recent encounter with DJ CASH MONEY and how J ended up becoming a recent, regular collaborator with Blu. As you might imagine there are a lot more shenanigans to speak of but ya gotta hit play to find out, so go ‘head on now, get ya some of that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mix #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live November 01, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 308 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep308! This week is truly special Vangardians, as it’s the first time we’ve had an in-studio interview session since COVID shut down the world in March of 2020. It’s highly fitting that our good friends DILLON & J57 broke the seal, as they not only gave us a great interview session, but they hung out during the mix show as well. You can imagine the insanity that ensued - lots of trash talk and of course we get into their latest project, “’83 KIDS”, you can hear snippets of the Thurs interview session at the end of the mix. Our good friends TERROR VAN POO and VINNY IDOL also dropped in via Zoom for a mid-mix interview to talk about their new project, “TERRORDACTYL”, which dropped on Halloween. Cap it off with spooky Halloween beats from HOBGOBLIN’s new beat tape - you’ve got yourself one heck of a week here at Southern Vangard Radio. Buckle up boys and girls it’s time for that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live November 1, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "Blood Banquet" - Hobgoblin "The Squeeze" - Dillon & J57 "Prime Example" - Dillon & J57 "Mambo Show" - Rim ft. Villin P & C-Red "Happy Talk" - Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack "Team Natural" - Fresh Daily ft. Blu & Chris Keys "World War Swamp" - Swamp Thing Talk Break Inst. - "Ravens Teeth" - Hobgoblin ** MID-MIX INTERVIEW - TERROR VAN POO & VINNY IDOL ** Mid-Mix Interview Inst. - "Devils Dance" / "Fresh" - Hobgoblin "Somewhere" - Terror Van Poo X Vinny Idol "Eriksen" - Cousin Feo "Next Move" - Freddie Black & Ras Beats "Airships" - Curren$y & Harry Fraud "Wait On You" - Jay Worthy, Leven Kali & Na-Kel Smith "Teresa" - Lord Juco & Finn Talk Break Inst. - "The Witches Three" - Hobgoblin ** INTERVIEW SNIPPETS - DILLON & J57 - FULL INTERVIEW DROPS THUR 11/4 **
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 307 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep307! Clear out ya podcast playlists Vangardians, Doe and Meeks have a grip of new new for your earholes on this weeks mix. We also we have a mid-mix interview with Philly by way of NY MC, ZIZ, who just dropped an EP with BIGDADDYCHOP this week called “COMBINED THOUGHTS”, which also happens to feature our own DJ JON DOE on the zigga ziggas. We also have a WORLD PREMIERE from KONCEPT JACKSON & MORRIARCHI off their upcoming EP “A GRACEFUL SNAFU” that drops this Friday Oct 29 on GROUP BRACIL. Ou interview for this weeks Thursday session went sideways at the 11th hour, but we will most definitely reschedule that, and to make up for it, we’ll have a few treats for you on our YOU TUBE channel on Thursday to make up for it. If you're not a subscriber yet, hit the link in our bio for the connect. Say it again it's that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 24, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "Delonte Needed Help" - L'Orange "Robe” - Fashawn & Sir Veterano ft. Elzhi "Comeback Player Of The Year" - Mega Ran "The Coalition (Murda Boyz)" - Lil Fame ft. iFresh Billy Danze, Teflon (prod. DJ Skizz) "Hit The Deck" - Drasar Monumental "It's Live!" - Psych Major ft. Raf Almighty & Therealskitso "Doing My Thing" - Spoda x Whip Beats Talk Break Inst. - ""Someone You Can See" - L'Orange "Remember" - Jay-Ef & Wordsworth ft Masta Ace (prod. Donell Smokes) "Vitamin C" - Vinnie Chocha "Viberite" - Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore ft. KUMBAYA "Come Up" - Dillon & J57 ft. Diamond D & Skyzoo "Tellin U Man" - Ziz & Bigdaddychop ft. EvL DJ Get Rite "Reflections - Ziz & Big French ft. Nejma Nefertiti ** Mid-Mix Interview - Ziz ** Mid-Mix Interview Inst. - "Coffee" / "Enjoy Your Little Philosophy" - L'Orange Talk Break Inst. - "Johann" - L’Orange "Flee At Large" - Koncept Jackson & Morriarchi ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Egomaniac" - Sypooda ft. Grafh & B.A Badd "Eff Your Lyfe" - Eff Yoo ft. Nems "No Permission" - Sean Links, Sibbs Roc & Slang Hugh "AA Was Lit But We Don't Quit" - Vincent, The Owl "Talk Different" - Wavy Da Ghawd ft. Eddie Kaine, Rome Streetz & Spoda "Powergun" - Tone Beatz ft. Mrk Sx, G Fam Black & Wizisbeast "Monday Nitro" - Mickey Diamond & Pro Dillinger (prod. Nickel Plated) Talk Break Inst. - "I Don't See You" - L'Orange
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Bub Styles & Chubs - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the BUB STYLES & CHUBS interview session! Brooklyn & Long Island connect on “CORNER STORE CARNIVORES”, a 9-track, face melting, raw rap excursion full produced by EITAN NOYZE. We get the behind the scenes goods on how this collaboration came to be, the copious amounts of cold cuts that lined the halls and rooms Eitan’s studio and why thin sliced is the only way to prepare your meats and cheeses. We also get the goods on what else Bub and Chubs have in store for us the rest of this year and next - including a project produced by LORD GOAT aka GORETEX of NON-PHIXION! That’s enough rap fans - you’ve gotta hit play to get the rest ‘cause you know it’s that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mix #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 17, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 306 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep306! Yes y’all it’s that time again, the boys are back in town, albeit it a day late but still twice a week - so don’t fret, worry or struggle, Doe & Meeks got you taken care of. The fourth quarter blitz is in full effect and we’re doing our best to give you a snapshot of that every week on every mix, so you’ll get that as well as an mid-mix interview with the one and only WORDSWORTH, who has a new album out now with JAY-EF called “UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.” We stay in Brooklyn and pick up Long Island for our Thursday interview session with BUB STYLES and CHUBS, who recently dropped “CORNER STORE CARNIVORES”. Check the snippets at the end of the mix until the full interview drops Thursday. CHOP CHOP it’s that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 17, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - ""Witch Island" - C-Lance "Avenue Olympics" - Bub Styles & Chubs "Where's The Stuff, Larry?" - Bub Styles & Chubs ft. ARXV "Red Stripe Special" - Bub Styles & Chubs "Shot For Shot" - Mykill Miers & Pawz One ft. King Magnetic & DJ Rhettmatic "Trying To Live" - Big Twins & Cuns Talk Break Inst. - "Handcuffed Skeletons" - C-Lance "Flowers" - ILLPO (prod. D.R.U.G.S. Beats) "Bully Tactics" - Declaime "'83 Kids" - Dillon & J57 ft. Blu "From99" - Eternia & Rel McCoy ft. Wordsworth & Manny "Flip the Mic" - Mic Swift the Sound Provider ft. Wordsworth, Ras Kass & Reks "Sinister" - JAy Ef x Wordsworth Mid-Mix Interview - Wordsworth Mid-Mix Interview Inst. - "Alraune" / "Suicide At Sopron" - C-Lance Talk Break Inst. - "Terror Haza - C-Lance "East Flatbush" - Eddie Kaine & Big Ghost Ltd "Block Work" - DJ Swet & Milano Constantine "Valid" - Grafh & DJ Shay ft. Sheek Louch & Ransom "Pirate Lords" - Flee Lord & Roc Marciano ft. Knowledge The Pirate "Brass Jehova" - Bronze Nazareth & Roc Marciano Talk Break Inst. - "The Hungarian Haunt" - C-Lance Interview Snippets - Bub Styles & Chubs
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    maticulous - Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio presents the MATICULOUS interview session! This Brooklyn based producer dropped a banger of a producer project this month with hip-hop underground elite - “NO CAPS” features HOMEBOY SANDMAN, SKYZOO, KEV BROWN, J SCIENIDE, GUILTY SIMPSON, JUSTO THE MC, BREEZE BREWIN & AL SKRATCH and our own DJ JON DOE to name a few. We get the behind the scenes goods on how the project came together, the impact of the pandemic and why he decided to do another producer project after swearing them off years ago. We also get into maticulous’ history in college radio, his internship with DJ Honda and how me cracked into the Fat Beats system and ended up running internationals sales as well handling A&R duties. There’s more inside but ya gotta press play - so hit the button, cop “NO CAPS” today and clap your hands for that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mix #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 4, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks
  • Southern Vangard podcast

    Episode 305 - Southern Vangard Radio


    BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep305! Y’all ready for the fourth quarter blitz? This is always an exciting (and relentless) time of year for new music, but don’t fret if you can’t keep up - this is exactly where you need to be to catch the cream of the crop every week. Doe is flying solo this week but still manages to keep it lively and of course there’s tons of new music, including TWO WORLD EXCLUSIVES from our mid-mix interview guests BODY BAG BEN & J SCIENIDE! They have a new album dropping this week that features ROME STREETZ, WORDSWORTH, NAPOLEON DA LEGEND & RASHEED CHAPPELL. At the end of the mix you’ll get a preview of our Thursday interview session with Brooklyn’s MATICULOUS, who just dropped a banger of a producer project called “NO CAPS”. You can hear a few joints from this record at the top of the mix, the full interview drops Thursday! From the very bottom of our hearts…YOU’RE WAAAAALCOME for this #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live October 4, 2021 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "Mainframe" - Graymatter "Close Range" - maticulous ft. Kev Brown & J Scienide "Bein' This Nice" - maticulous ft. Uptown XO & yU "Take Heed" - maticulous ft. Breeze Brewin, Al Skratch & DJ Jon Doe "Today's Special" - Czarface ft. Facepuller "Raynathan And Romello" - Curly Castro (prod. Blueprint) "Peace Bridge: - Psych Major ft. Jamal Gasol, Wyze Wonda, DNTE & Toneyboi Talk Break Inst. - "Marijuana Futures" - Graymatter "EveryDay Struggle Pt. 2" - John Creasy x Serious Beats "Tax Season (Takin' It With Me Pt. 2)" - Ea$y Money x Melks "Free Kutter" - Westside Gunn ft. Jay Electronica (prod. Jay Versace) "Blu(e) World" - Blu (prod. Exile) "M.D.M." - Killah Priest x Shaka Amazulu The 7th ft. Planet Asia & Hus Kingpin "Simple Demonstration" - Defari Talk Break Inst. - "Visa Virus" - Graymatter ** Mid-Mix Interview - BodyBagBen & J Scienide ** Mid-Mix Interview Inst. - "Draco's Theme" / "World Famous Jenkem" - Graymatter "Double Dragon" - Body Bag Ben & J Scienide ft. Wordsworth ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Despicable" - Body Bag Ben & J Scienide ft. Napoleon Da Legend & Rasheed Chappell ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "For My Pain" - Illa Ghee (prod. Black Milk) "Brick O' Dope" - UFO Fev ft. Red Inf (prod. Vanderslice) "Ermine" - Lukah ft. Estee Nack "Some More Paper" - DJ Muggs & Crimeapple "Pluses And Minuses" - M.A.V. x Spanish Ran Talk Break Inst. - "Short Report" - Graymatter ** Interview Snippets - maticulous - FULL INTERVIEW DROPS THURS 10/7 **

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