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A CSP's View on the presidential Executive Order on cybersecurity and how it relates to FedRAMP

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Listen to ServiceNow's Mike Rohde, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer – Federal, Office of the CISO as he discusses Cybersecurity and how it relates to FedRAMP for a recent FCW FedRAMP Summit. See for privacy information.

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  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Building Back Better with the American Rescue Plan, Part 1


    Listen to a recent GovExec conversation on The American Rescue Plan (ARP) to hear federal technology leaders discuss challenges and best practices for changing the way agencies think about legacy systems and creating a more efficient government. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Episode 37 - GBS on Now Podcast with Deloitte


    Listen to Deloitte’s Global GBS leaders talk about the global trends within the GBS market and how GBS on Now will define the new experiences for GBS leaders in enhancing the User Experience and breaking the silos within multifunctional organizations. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

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  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Meet Now Create


    Take a listen to learn about the powerful implementation assets available to you in Now Create.  See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Intelligent data correlation in AIOps


    In this episode, Karlis Peterson and Matt Morris join to continue the AIOPs discussion and get deeper into different use cases to reduce event noise utilizing correlation techniques. Also, check out the new Tag-based alert correlation capability in ServiceNow Store.  See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Effective Presentations with Julian Mills - Part 2 - Top 10 Mistakes


    We continue our series on effective presentations. We'll share our top 10 common mistakes people make while presenting and how you can avoid them to give you a better chance of people receiving your message. Topics 00:00 Welcome and introductions 03:17 Presenting in edit mode 06:44 Doing demonstrations poorly 11:25 Turning your back 15:39 Lack of practice 18:58 Reading the slides to the audience 21:22 Lack of confidence and energy 24:07 Turn off notifications 27:23 Mistakes with virtual presentations 29:24 Mistakes with hybrid (in-person and remote) 33:28 Boring PowerPoints 38:04 Starting and ending late 40:55 Contact information 41:23 Outro and outtakes Links Certified Master Architect/Certified Technical Architect programs Contact Julian Mills: Check out the other ServiceNow podcasts. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    One Story at a Time: Creating channels for people to be heard


    The nature of the workplace is changing. The pandemic and the response to it has led for a need to find better ways to address employee well-being. We’re interacting with one another in new ways and organizations need to ensure that the culture and expectations can continue to be cultivated and enforced in the new hybrid environment. Hear how ServiceNow's Kevin Brooks, Principal Digital Strategist – DoD & US Intelligence Community, spoke about this at the recent ACT-IAC CX Summit. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Enable dynamic strategy management with roadmaps


    Join Anna Kotliarevskaia (Sr. Principal Product Manager) and Andy Jordan on this podcast episode as they discuss the value and importance of developing better dynamic strategy management with roadmaps.   The world’s changing. Fast. And organizations have to keep up, or risk falling behind and losing out to their competitors. That need to evolve rapidly is driving a lot of activity – agile transformations, organizational agility, digital transformations and so on. But even as things change rapidly, they have to change in accordance with a plan. Organizations have to know what they need to do and how they need to do it. The challenge is, keeping that plan up to date in this fast-paced environment.   Enter the roadmap. An increasingly popular tool in organizations today that supports comprehensive planning easily. It is easy to adjust, simple to understand and fast to update. It can be communicated to all stakeholders without the need for a detailed explanation, and it can support everything from the current goals and objectives to the long-term vision.   You can also attend the webinar Oct 7, at 9 am PDT/ 12 noon EST to learn more. Register here: See for privacy information.
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    Delivering a Modern Army


    Hear from Dan Kunze, Mission Account Manager - Army, ServiceNow, about how ServiceNow delivers capabilities through our cloud-based platform that accelerate innovation across the Army in this session from the 2021 Defense One State of Defense Digital Series.  The NOW platform offers a platform of action that delivers enhanced data visibility, improves inefficient, manual, or otherwise outdated workflows, and allows the Army to meet the challenges of the modern world and keep its competitive edge when it comes to delivering 21st century readiness. With ServiceNow’s support, the Army can improve how it plans, sources, and delivers mission information, materials, personnel, and systems to meet the Army’s strategy for readiness, modernization, and reform. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    Hacktoberfest with Brad Tilton and Earl Duque


    ServiceNow may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words "Open Source". Have a listen because my guests will tell you how you can share work and contribute to open source projects using your favorite platform. Topics 00:00 Intro and welcome 02:48 Hacktoberfest overview 04:55 Things to work on 12:08 Getting started 16:55 Prior projects 18:11 Your own new ideas 19:39 Contact info 20:14 Outro 21:06 Outtakes Links Git Repo: Code snippets SNDevs Slack Git Repo: Instance Scan Checks Digital Ocrean Hacktoberfest page Check out the other ServiceNow podcasts. See for privacy information.
  • ServiceNow Podcasts podcast

    What is Observability?


    Forrest Knight joined us this week to discuss customer challenges around application delivery and how Lightstep solves it via Observability. And, check out this excellent overview of Lightstep by Forrest.  See for privacy information.

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