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Do This and Be This—Simple Daily Spiritual Practice

Spol 15 sekunder tilbage
Spol 15 sekunder frem
On this day, Moojibaba records an audio guidance first thing in the morning, and shares it with a few members of the sangha. During lunchtime, Moojibaba joins the sangha in the dining area and shares this guidance: to begin the day with a 15-minute sitting to help stabilise attention in the space of presence. This exercise complements the “Just Be” guidance that the sangha has been focusing on, providing a deeper understanding of this sitting. If you are new to this guidance, you can find more videos that go to the heart of this exercise here: Monte Sahaja, Portugal 3 March 2024 ~ This is an excerpt from the Satsang "This Exercise Prepares You for Non-Dual Realisation”, available on Sahaja Express: Sahaja Express is a powerful self-realisation support for earnest and dedicated seekers of Truth. This doorway into daily life with Mooji invites you to walk alongside him as he engages with his more mature students. Take this opportunity to move more deeply and swiftly into the ultimate realisation of the Self and be timelessly happy and complete. Sahaja Express is not for the merely curious, but for those who are ready and destined to go all the way. ~ #Mooji #satsang #spirituality #advaita #nonduality #awakening

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