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The third sister! Interviewing Bre - Her child's birth story and we were robbed! 👶🏼💸

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In today's episode, we have our other sister BRE on the podcast! We filmed this once before but Justine lost the audio.. good job, Jus

00:00 Intro
00:41 Justine is the eldest child
02:06 No pod for two months??!!
02:48 Reading your 5-star reviews
03:39 Listening to your audio messages
04:37 Bre has entered the chat
05:10 Pregnancy story NOW
08:23 Did I pee myself?
13:07 Mom, I think I'm in labor
15:07 They forgot I was having a baby..
17:06 Very hard labor
18:20 Let's talk about DILATION shall we?
19:50 31 hours later...
21:22 The baby sees ghosts!?!
28:00 We got CRIMED in Hawaii
34:00 Hawaii is a special place
36:02 Let's talk about Bre
39:38 Bre's Childhood Memories
43:23 Bre has a secret YouTube Channel
44:21 Justine is annoying and weird
48:06 Outro

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