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Bonus Episode Repeat: Ethan Suplee

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We published this podcast with famous actor, and RP client, Ethan Suplee a year ago.  Whether you have or have not listened to it before, it's definitely worth another listen - his weight loss story is amazing - and we're proud to play a role in it!

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    Answering More of your Questions


    0:34 Analyzing diet app user's bodyweight spike from Thanksgiving 8:24 How to approach weigh-ins 17:52 Creatine explained 20:24 Leucine powder 26:50 RP friendly salad dressings 31:07 How to determine what training template to choose 32:21 How to manage off-plan meals 34:46 Eating so many carbs on a cut 37:00 Intermittent fasting 42:26 Lori's favorite thing she had at Thanksgiving
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    RP Coach, Dr. Jake Reed


    0:17 RP coach Jake Reed introduction 3:51 Dr. Mike's early diet and nutrition experiments 6:42 Jake's background 14:04 Athlete monitoring in collegiate football 19:50 Do high level athletes work harder than everyone else 27:07 How well do athletes listen to the data collected from monitoring 34:31 Blood Type diets 41:37 Periodization 43:27 Studying habits 49:37 Standout RP client transformation stories 57:46 How to work with Jake
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

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  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Dr. Mike on Holiday Eating


    0:25 Holiday eating introducing 1:17 Mike's favorite Halloween candy 5:10 Favorite Thanksgiving foods 14:40 How Mike is getting through holidays on bodybuilding diet 19:42 To indulge or not on holidays when dieting 23:47 How to deal with guilt about holiday eating 28:10 Black Friday shopping 32:06 BJJ talk 36:20 How to approach holiday eating on maintenance 42:29 Constant holiday overeating temptation 51:30 Using cardio to offset holiday overeating 55:55 Best diet phase to to be on during holidays
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    All About Massing


    0:20 Intro to massing 6:11 How much muscle you will gain vs fat 13:15 Why massing may be good in winter months 15:45 How massing can be physically and mentally uncomfortable 19:45 Nick's unpleasant extreme massing story 22:17 Massing food choices 27:24 At what bodyfat percentage should you begin a mass 29:11 Supplement recommendations 32:46 Massing is a time to be performance focused 36:02 Nick's first mass in college 40:31 Training recommendations while massing 48:00 Calorie increase recommendations 53:30 People that claim they can't gain weight
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    Halloween and Answering Q's


    0:25 Favorite halloween candy 6:45 Power of environment 13:06 Emotional eating 21:13 Tracking macros and not becoming excessive 33:28 Eating too much high volume food 39:22 Dealing with body image issues 45:25 Kid's first pullups, mindset 52:25 Book recommendations
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    Talking all things Fall Meal Prep


    0:35 Nick's maintenance progress 6:30 What Nick eats in a day 13:35 Fall macro friendly meal ideas 20:15 Macro friendly sweets 22:17 Go-to dishes to make for thanksgiving 26:16 RP cookbook recipes are generally easy 34:18 Using Trifecta for meal prep 36:48 Lori's favorite recipes 38:35 How Nick cooks dinner for the family 40:25 How to find the RP cookbooks Bodybuilding.com RP Thanksgiving recipes Latest RP Cookbook RP Cookbooks RP Vegan
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    Encore episode: Dr Mike on Losing Lots of Weight


    0:40 Introduction to extreme weight loss 2:25 Perception vs Reality 5:00 What counts as "a ton" of weight loss 10:05 Rushing a diet 16:30 Weight loss rate recommendations 26:00 Importance of maintenance 31:45 Second diet phase 38:40 Stress affect on diet 40:04 Second maintenance phase 49:00 What happens at goal weight 51:56 What is balance 59:30 Struggling with maintenance 1:00:30 Weight fluctuations after diet is over
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    Talking about STRUGGLES


    0:23 Personal struggles intro 2:00 Nick's birthday diet struggles 4:30 Post maintenance slippery slope 16:20 Nick's fav new desert 19:37 How to deal with eating out on a diet 27:13 Holiday food being so accessible 30:47 How to not binge on the weekends when stressed 40:20 Struggling with maintenance when life is challenging
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Answering Questions on Maintenance and More


    0:53 Nick's recent diet and maintenance approach 8:20 Nick's grumpiness on his diet 10:19 Not binging after a diet 14:50 Caffeine to curb hunger 19:56 How do you transition from diet to maintenance in the app 21:27 Getting back on track if you gain too much on maintenance 25:15 Is it normal to gain weight when you start the female physique templates 26:17 How to deal with hunger during fat loss 28:21 Can you use an apple watch as a step tracker 32:34 Olympic lifts for hypertrophy or strength 33:35 Pros and cons of extending a diet 39:09 App possibly not giving right macros 39:52 What to do if looking leaner but gaining weight 41:35 Why cut fats vs cutting carbs 43:43 How to know when to change your fats and carbs Our daughter Emma says hi! :) 46:10 Best way to train and grow legs   The inexpensive Amazon step tracker Nick and Lori use https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091KPMFXJ/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_mw&tag=onamzrenaissa-20&linkCode=ic6&ascsubtag=amzn1.ideas.2VX9K1WNDJQ9Q   Nick's blog post on Top 10 Diet tips from his recent cut https://renaissanceperiodization.com/expert-advice/top-10-tips-from-my-latest-fat-loss-diet-with-the-rp-diet-coach-app
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Nick's Recent Cut: Top 10 Takeaways


    0:25 Nicks 6 week diet takeaways 3:12 Helpfulness of maintenance 7:33 Tracking steps 14:02 Changing macros 15:35 Travel and eating out 21:00 Sleep tracking 23:53 Weight training 25:19 BJJ changes 27:57 Periodized caffeine intake 31:00 Healthier food choices 37:52 Moving to keep energy high 46:20 Nicks DEXA results

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