RP Strength Podcast podcast

RP Strength Podcast

Nick Shaw

On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!

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  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Answering Questions on Maintenance and More


    0:53 Nick's recent diet and maintenance approach 8:20 Nick's grumpiness on his diet 10:19 Not binging after a diet 14:50 Caffeine to curb hunger 19:56 How do you transition from diet to maintenance in the app 21:27 Getting back on track if you gain too much on maintenance 25:15 Is it normal to gain weight when you start the female physique templates 26:17 How to deal with hunger during fat loss 28:21 Can you use an apple watch as a step tracker 32:34 Olympic lifts for hypertrophy or strength 33:35 Pros and cons of extending a diet 39:09 App possibly not giving right macros 39:52 What to do if looking leaner but gaining weight 41:35 Why cut fats vs cutting carbs 43:43 How to know when to change your fats and carbs Our daughter Emma says hi! :) 46:10 Best way to train and grow legs   The inexpensive Amazon step tracker Nick and Lori use https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091KPMFXJ/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_mw&tag=onamzrenaissa-20&linkCode=ic6&ascsubtag=amzn1.ideas.2VX9K1WNDJQ9Q   Nick's blog post on Top 10 Diet tips from his recent cut https://renaissanceperiodization.com/expert-advice/top-10-tips-from-my-latest-fat-loss-diet-with-the-rp-diet-coach-app
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Nick's Recent Cut: Top 10 Takeaways


    0:25 Nicks 6 week diet takeaways 3:12 Helpfulness of maintenance 7:33 Tracking steps 14:02 Changing macros 15:35 Travel and eating out 21:00 Sleep tracking 23:53 Weight training 25:19 BJJ changes 27:57 Periodized caffeine intake 31:00 Healthier food choices 37:52 Moving to keep energy high 46:20 Nicks DEXA results
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

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  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Where to Start - New to RP


    Lori is back after a brief hiatus from the podcast.  We discuss how to gets others started in their fitness journeys and cover a lot of questions about the RP Simple Diet Templates! 0:20 Lori is back/ her surgery 1:20 Nick sent out a bunch of free books 2:45 Getting started with dieting and RP simple diet templates 4:20 All about one on one coaching 10:00 RP product breakdown according to needs 15:10 What are the simple diet templates 21:42 How to use the templates exactly 35:55 Going over food substitutions and egg whites 40:00 Protein powders and smoothies 45:11 Bagels as carbs
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


    1:56 The Slight Edge book by Jeff Olson 3:06 Slight Edge main principles 11:00 Quantum leap misconception 14:44 Internal locus of control 22:00 Small differences over time chart 27:45 Consistency over perfection 32:36 DM Nick for a free book 37:32 Notable quotes from the book
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Tradeoffs: Balancing Fitness and Life


    0:22 Tradeoffs introduction 2:00 Defining tradeoffs 7:20 Categories of seriousness about diet and training 16:30 Nick's life when it revolved around bodybuilding 24:00 Not feeling guilt about not prioritizing diet and training 28:35 Nick's bodybuilding show experience 30:10 "Life MRV" 33:30 The old animal pak ads and products 41:46 Keeping confidence during times when not focused on diet and training 52:16 The RP pizza eating contest 55:13 Nutrient timing
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    RP's Dr. James Hoffmann on SLEEP


    0:30 While We Sleep Book Recommendation 2:02 Sleep impact on memory, training 6:05 Setting yourself up for good sleep 11:28 Why do hard diets lead to poor sleep 16:53 Sleeping conditions at the Olympics 22:27 Pros and cons of sleep aids 34:04 Melatonin 36:07 Caffeine sensitivity 43:00 CBD for sleep and anxiety 48:31 How to develop your "wind down" routine 53:26 How much sleep do you need
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Dr. Mike on Cardio Myths


    1:36 Cardio is a necessity 6:30 Cardio recommendations 10:48 Step trackers and calorie counters 13:17 You can get best fat loss with cardio alone 23:01 Formal cardio 28:38 Harder cardio is better 37:05 Walking is not good for fat burning 40:13 Fasted cardio
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Dr Mike Part 2 Nutrition Facts or Fiction


    2:25 Is Fructose bad 9:44 Nut talk 12:10 High Fructose corn syrup 15:48 Is MSG bad 22:23 Radish and cookie study 25:15 Stevia vs aspartame and sucralose 30:50 Ultra high protein diets 37:57 What are anti nutrients 42:56 Must eat foods
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Dr. Mike on Nutrition Facts or Fiction


    0:53 Mike's BJJ brown belt and BJJ talk 11:26 Calories in calories out 16:35 Being perfect with calories and macros 22:32 Food label accuracy 29:23 Consistency and perfection, not sweating the small stuff 38:35 John Meadows' passing  
  • RP Strength Podcast podcast

    Bonus Episode Repeat: Ethan Suplee


    We published this podcast with famous actor, and RP client, Ethan Suplee a year ago.  Whether you have or have not listened to it before, it's definitely worth another listen - his weight loss story is amazing - and we're proud to play a role in it!

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