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The play cousins are back! Joined by their sister, the beloved and iconic actress, entrepreneur, activist, director and emmy-nominated producer, Erika Alexander! What doesn't she do? Not only does she break down her newest roles on Wu-Tang: an American Saga and Run The World; she explains NFTs (we finally get it!) and her upcoming Concrete Park release and why the digital space is so important for Black creatives. Cousin Joy-Ann dishes on her epic summer girls trip, while Cousin Jacque continues to break new ground with her platform Vegan Sexy Cool

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    She's A Delllllllllllllttaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Cousin Joy Ann is now a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, after recently being initiated as a Honorary member. Cousin Jacque welcomes her into the Sisterhood. Also guest Tarana Burke stops by to discuss her new book, her life and her work.
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    Remembering “Attica”


    The play cousins are joined by legendary documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson and his co-director Traci Curry, who speak about the making of their powerful new Showtime documentary “Attica” … which takes a look back at a defining moment in American history, 50 years after the country’s deadliest prison riot and shows how many of its root causes are still relevant today. Cousin Jacque and Cousin Joy-Ann also discuss the phony Critical Race Theory tactics that were successfully used in the latest round of elections and what it means for voters moving forward.
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    The Power of "No"


    The play cousins continue their theme of self-care with a discussion about learning to say “no” to protect your own mental health, the importance of self-advocacy and how to let the other people in your life know that you are serious about putting yourself first. Cousin Jacque continues to get her mind right when it comes to taking flights in the Age of Covid and Cousin Joy-Ann takes an important step in her journey towards work-life balance.
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    To Boost or Not to Boost?


    The play cousins continue to lean into self-care, while they consider both the good and the bad, surrounding the COVID-19 booster shots. Cousin Jacque prepares to take her first flight of the “Pandemic Era” and Cousin Joy-Ann is learning the power of just saying “No.” Honorary Cousin Chris Witherspoon joins in to share some new features of his ground-breaking PopViewers app and his list of the films and TV shows we absolutely must see right now.
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    It's O.K. Not to Be O.K.


    The play cousins have a self-care power hour with their guest, Emmy Award winning journalist Mara Schiavocampo, who talks about the mental health dangers of “toxic positivity” on social media and in society and the freedom she felt by publicly admitting she felt like “a mess”. Cousin Joy-Ann advocates for a 4-day work week and Cousin Jacque calls for more unity among Black people when we are providing service to one another.
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    Let's Do The Right Thing


    The play cousins are joined by none other than living legend, Stephanie Mills! She talks: being outspoken in the age of Trump and police brutality, the inspiration behind her newest single, “Let’s Do The Right Thing,” performing alongside D-Nice and others at Club Quarantine in Brooklyn, and her upcoming tour with the iconic Patti LaBelle. Cousin Jacque dishes on how she got “sluttified” during her recent visit to Slutty Vegan in Atlanta and Cousin Joy-Ann shares some details from her latest book project and why she believes in the magic of dream boards.
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    And Just Like That ...


    The play cousins are back! Joined by the beautiful, and talented actress Karen Pittman, who is breaking glass-ceilings on Season 2 of the award-winning Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show; and bringing some much needed diversity and plenty of high-fashion to HBO Max’s highly-anticipated Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That this fall ... Cousin Jacque shares the hilarious “lengths” she went to in her youth to get that coveted long-hair look and Cousin Joy-Ann talks burnout, self-care and her exciting Vegan Sexy Cool crossover weekend.
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    Smart Funny & Black


    Cousin Joy-Ann takes the heat, yet again, from conservatives over her comments on “Missing White Woman Syndrome." Cousin Jacque dishes on how her carefully planned COVID reconnaissance mission went horribly wrong ... and the ladies welcome their newest play cousin: the beautiful and amazingly talented actress, comedian and creator of Smart Funny & Black, Amanda Seales.
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    BallGate... A Teachable Moment


    Cousin Joy-Ann gives us the update on her viral Twitter exchange with Hip Hop superstar Nicki Minaj, now known as BallGate, and how it became a teachable moment. Cousin Jacque continues to carry the torch for Black women, dishing on her latest hair journey moment in Philly. And the play cousins welcome one of their favorite play cousins, PopViewers founder and CEO Chris Witherspoon, who's got the tea on this weekend's Emmy Awards, Lil Nas X's Montero debut and a can't miss Fall entertainment preview.
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    Michael K. Williams Legacy


    The play cousins are joined by the beautiful Bevy Smith, Author, TV & Radio Personality & Host of Bevelations on SiriusXM, to celebrate the life and legacy of her friend and a true artist for the ages, Michael K. Williams. Cousin Jacque takes a new step in her hair journey and Cousin Joy-Ann wants the weak-fighting Democrats to realize life is like the Lord of The Rings.

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